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Elevate Your E-Store With Magento 2 Migration Company

Get Committed Businesses Solutions That Deliver Growth

Our Magento 2 migration/Magento 2 upgrade service is comprehensive which includes custom shopping cart migration, database migration, plugin re-installation, and overall site optimization. So what? It leads to enhanced site performance, store flexibility, and business scalability!

Enhanced User Interface For Administrator

Improve your administrator UI with Magento 2 migration service.

  • Advanced Targeting And Promotion

    Creating a unique user shopping experience for your customers to serve their dynamic needs.

  • Easy To Use And Highly Responsive UI

    Easily add videos from YouTube/Vimeo or embed product pictures.

  • Multiple Site Admins

    Eliminated the limitation of a single admin user to better engage with product data.

Website Content And Promotion with magento 2 migration
Products & Services catalog with magento 2 migration

Better Customer Experience

Get features like product and cart management that make customers organize and update their cart super-easily.

  • Intuitive Catalog Browsing

    Allows customers to find products more quickly, intuitively and efficiently on your Store.

  • CMS Control For Special Items

    It has a straightforward content management interface to see how pages are performing while seamlessly editing, updating and publishing the content.

  • Find Data In One Click

    You can set up intuitive filters and navigation precisely as you like to improve customer experience while they can get better product search results with upgrade service.

Advanced Reporting And Analysis

With support for Google Analytics, Magento 2 gives you advanced reporting and analysis feature that allows you to track 20+ online stores in different languages from the main admin panel.

  • Advanced Security

    With SSL support, the priority is always given to the customer, vendor and store data security.

  • Progressive Reporting

    Reporting feature gives you an understanding of territories like: sales reports, abandoned shopping cart reports, best-selling product reports, most viewed products reports, tax reports, and more.

  • Improved Testing Competence

    With smooth integration between Magento 2 and other third-party applications, quickly check whether any module or component is compatible with the new framework or not.

Flexible Inventory with magento 2 migration
Centralize Your Data with magento 2 migration

Website Performance For High Conversions

With centralized data management in data is always up to date and accessible to your retail.

  • Robust Data Analysis

    Magento 2 allows merchants to set up separate sites for different currencies in different languages and tax rates based upon product type, consumer group, location, etc.

  • Get Deeper Business Insight With Simple Visualizations

    Magento Stores all your transactional data such as sales orders, multiple invoices, split fulfillment, shipping labels, or payment transactions.

  • Define Metrics And What Data To Use

    Merchants can store all data in the backend and use them as inputs for other business operations.

Professional Magento 2 Migration Developers Build Websites That Deliver Seamless Shopping Experience

Order Management System: That’s Reliable!

Magento 2 allows you to create a heavy ecommerce website loaded with unlimited products that can be efficiently and smartly managed.

Order Management System with magento 2 migration

Simplify Order Fulfillment Workflow And Handle Large Order Numbers

Ecommerce sites that run can handle hundreds and thousands of products simultaneously while handling 10 million+ page views per hour.

  • Find Order Easily With Filters By Status, Batch, And Price Tag

    You can set up multiple filters and navigation features while pre-defining product attributes to easily update products.

  • Analyze Performance With Reports With The Admin Dashboard

    Magento 2 also offers analysis, report, and product management systems where you can access sales reports, abandoned shopping cart reports, low stock reports, tax reports, and much more.

  • Personalized Order Fulfillment And Cart Management

    The platform has a straightforward process for creating and managing product catalogs with the ability to set minimum and maximum product quantities that can be added to the final cart.

Order data Management System with magento 2 migration
Smart Payment Gateway Integration with magento 2 migration

Payment Gateway Integration

Built-in payment processing from all the leading providers.

  • Accepts Multiple Payment Options

    Magento 2 provides the most extensive set of payment methods like multiple PayPal gateways, credit cards and different shipping addresses for one order feature.

  • Secure Transactions With SSL Support

    Industry-standard infrastructure investments ensure that your private data is not compromised with SSL security support.

Drive Business Goals With Our Exclusive Magento 2 Upgrade Service

Customer Relationship Management

Avail of reliable e-commerce web development and customization services to build solutions that match the customer’s requirements.

Customer Relationship Management with Magento 2 migration

Magento 2 Data Migration

We implement agile solutions to get the anticipated outcomes without any uncertainty or failure.

  • Magento 2 Theme Migration

    Magento 2 upgrade service offers a custom theme that will meet your business goals perfectly.

  • Extension Migration

    We find and integrate extensions with the same features developed for Magento 2.

  • Data Migration

    We migrate clients from Magento 1 to Magento 2 as well as optimize the product descriptions with robust content and feature-rich filter tags.

Common Gift For The Holidays with magento 2 migration
Returning Customer Rate with magento 2 migration

B2B And B2C Commerce All In One Platform

Seamlessly manage business complexity, including hybrid commerce models serving B2B and B2C customers.

  • A Central Hub For Every Brand, Channel And Site

    Easily manage everything in a central location with the main view, customized price lists, brands, occasion etc.

  • Efficient And Flexible B2C Shopping Experience

    Give shoppers the ability to see all available-to-sell inventory products and flexibly purchase anytime.

  • Personalized And Friction-Free B2B Purchasing Experience

    Automate order approval processes based on rules set by each company and enable fast reordering.

How Expert Magento 2 Migration Developers Makes The Difference

One Platform, All Channels, Brands And Sites

Regardless of the number of products or orders on your online store, Magento is a very powerful platform enough to cater all your needs.

Scalability And Extensibility

The indexer works to update data regularly, including catalogue data, users, prices and store, to improve the overall speed of your online store.

Creates Seamless Omnichannel Commerce

Magento is highly scalable and has a faster end-to-end checkout time, which can significantly improve checkout experience.

Operational Confidence With Back-End Efficiency

Magento provides you with easy installation of themes, extensions and custom development to completely suit your business needs.

Magento 2 Build Your Website for Best Experience

Benefits Of Magento 2 Migration For Your E-commerce Business

Integrated With Google Services

Integrate your ecommerce site with different payment gateways and third-party web applications like PayPal, Google, Magento Connect etc.

Secured E-Commerce Store

Magento 2 have invested heavily in industry-standard infrastructure to ensure that your private data is not compromised with SSL security benefit.

Support Multi-Currency & Language

You can choose from a variety of payment, shipment, and language options to accommodate your customers.

Open-Source Platform

eCommerce platform offers you with plenty of customization and integration options.

Built With Sales In Mind

Target customers based on their cart and buying history, and also provide personalized, relevant and user-friendly content.

Advanced And SEO-Friendly

Magento 2 development platform optimize your ecommerce website product pages and descriptions more easy-to-edit and interesting.

Empowering Independent Business Owners Everywhere

Hire Magento 2 Upgrade Service From Keyideas

Our company has been confidently delivering wide range of projects and have set up our Magento 2 developer services model around quality on all fronts.

  • Experienced And Certified Developers
  • Dedicated Team For Every Project
  • Agile Approach To Mobile App Development
  • Strong UI/UX Design Aesthetics
  • Flexible Delivery And Commercial Models
better content management with magento 2 migration

Magento 2 Migration Design Process

Approach To Achieve Goals

Development Design Process Development Design Process

FAQ About Magento 2 Migration Development

Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2(Adobe Commerce) can be a complex and time-consuming process, and the amount of time it takes to complete the migration will depend on the size and complexity of your old Magento 1 site. An average Magento 2 migration project can take from 1-3 months to complete.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration is an Magento 2 upgrade service that includes the transfer of design, Magento extensions, databases, and custom functionality from the Magento 1 to Magento 2 platform, which necessitates a certain level of technical expertise.

For various reasons, moving your store from M1 to M2 is critical with Magento 2 upgrade service. The fundamental reason is that Magento 1 would no longer be supported for any updates. If your M1 store becomes susceptible, you’ll have more difficulty recovering it. Visit our Magento 2 support agency for more info.

Yes, you can easily migrate all the primary front-end parts of your site to Magento 2 using the Migration Tools and Magento 2 events. Like- orders, goods, categories, settings, store configurations, and promotions are all covered by default functionality and data.

Even seasoned specialists sometimes run into roadblocks, but they at least know how to deal with them. As a result, we’ve concluded that the data migration tool should be left to certified Magento 2 developers with Magento 2 upgrade service.

We understand that deciding between Magento 2 solutions might be difficult. As a result, we’ve put together a fundamental comparison of the Magento(Adobe Commerce) and Open Source variants. Magento 2 is faster, reliable, more SEO friendly, user friendly, can handle 10+ Million page views per hour, supports the latest PHP version and so on compared to Magento 1.

Over the last few years, responsive designs and device-specific apps have gained much attention in the corporate world. The most recent version of Magento has a responsive template with many features that meets the demands of the mobile environment for both B2B and B2C businesses. For latest insights, visit our expert HTML 5 Developers post on LinkedIn.

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