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Get Committed Business Solutions For Your Ecommerce Store

Replenish Your Ecommerce Ride With Magento 2 Support Agency

Whether you run online store or an offline store, Keyideas provides dependable and cost-effective Magento 2 support to keep your business running smoothly. As part of our Magento 2 support agency services, we assume responsibility for the technical as well as artistic side of your business– The complete in & out Magento 1 to Magento 2 Product Migration Service.

Marketing Promotions and Conversions

With enhanced marketing ease in Magento 2, you get improved online visibility to target users and get easily recognized on popular search engines.

  • Multi-tier Pricing & MAP

    Utilize the new multi-tier pricing feature based on product quantities and discounts while you get full MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) support and no cost shipping option for customers.

  • Personalized Product & Cart Categories

    Customize product category in sync with different landing pages as well as showcase recently viewed items, similar products, and new stock items.

  • Customizable Email-Newsletters

    You can design or recreate emails/newsletters for specific customer group and distribute the links among the audience through email, Facebook, and Twitter for vast product sharing.

Website Content And Promotion with Magento 2 Support Agency
Products & Services catalog with Magento 2 Support Agency

Manage Product Catalog

With enhanced support for product inventory management with auto notifications, cherish a wide sphere of catalog features, you can’t get tired of!

  • Set Product Quantity

    With customized out-of-stock/in-stock messages, you can also set minimum and maximum product quantities that can be added to the user cart.

  • Reviews and Product Resizing

    Get automatic resizing of product images plus product watermarking feature in Magento 2 while you select and add moderate product reviews on customer review page.

  • Hold Carts For Lazy Customers

    With persistent shopping cart ability, you can hold and remind lazy customers about their non-purchased items when the customer visits you again.

Checkout, Payment and Shipment

Get used to personalized end-to-end shopping & purchasing features with one-page checkout, real-time shipping tracking and multiple payment gateways.

  • Friction-less Shopping Experience

    Customers can save their shopping cart and credit card for offline shopping with multiple payment options like PayPal gateways, PayPal credit and more with Magento Connect.

  • Multiple Payment-Shipping Management

    Get multiple shipping address for one order, accept money orders, checks, or even purchase orders for payment with multiple payment-shipping management system offered by Magento 2.

  • Comprehensive Customer Account Dashboard

    What’s in there? Default billing/shipping address, unlimited addresses in the address book, manageable newsletter subscriptions, shareable wish list and product review/tag section.

Flexible Inventory system with Magento 2 Support Agency
Centralize Your Data with Magento 2 Support Agency

Admin Report Visualization

Get control right from the enhanced admin panel with multiple invoices, split fulfillment, print-packing slips, invoice details. With shipping label as well as email notifications, get RSS feeds for order status.

  • Robust Data Analysis

    Access sales reports, abandoned shopping cart reports, low stock reports, best-selling product reports, most viewed products reports, tax reports, coupon usage reports, and more.

  • International Site Support

    Magento 2 allows merchants to set up separate sites for different currencies in different languages while furnishing with various local taxes, localization, accented characters, text from right to left features.

  • Magento Business Intelligence

    Monitor business health and identify the most profitable customers and study growth opportunities using dashboards and data pipeline, warehouse, visualization, and replication technology.

Order Management System: That’s Actually Superior!

Proactive Magento 2 Support Agency For Seamless Customer Shopping Experience

Magento 2 allows you to create a sophisticated e-commerce website loaded with unlimited product inventories and features that can be efficiently used and managed.

Order-Shipping Management System with Magento 2 Support Agency

Simplify Order Fulfillment Workflow And Handle Large Order Numbers

E-commerce sites that run on Magento 2 can handle hundreds and thousands of products simultaneously while handling 10 million+ page views per hour.

  • Find Order Easily With Filters By Status, Batch, And Price Tag

    You can set up multiple filters and navigation features while pre-defining product attributes to easily update products.

  • Admin Dashboard To Analyze Performance Reports

    Magento 2 also offers analysis, report, and product management systems where you can access sales reports, abandoned shopping cart reports, low stock reports, tax reports, and much more.

  • Personalized Order Fulfillment And Cart Management

    The platform has a straightforward process for creating and managing product catalogs with the ability to set minimum and maximum product quantities that can be added to the final cart.

Order Management System with Magento 2 Support Agency
multiple Payment Gateway Integration with magento 2 development company

Payment Gateway Integration

Built-in payment processing from all the leading providers.

  • Accepts Multiple Payment Options

    With domestic and international credit & debit cards, Magento 2 provides the most extensive set of payment methods like multiple PayPal gateways, credit cards and different shipping addresses for one order feature.

  • Secure Transactions With SSL

    Industry-standard infrastructure investments ensure that your private data is not compromised with SSL security support.

Site Performance & Scalability Optimizations

Drive Your Business Goals Beyond With Magento 2 Development Company

Make the shopping experience more relevant with the insights and tools you need to personalize the user experience in real time.

Customer Relationship Management with magento 2 development company

Optimized Performance

Run your commerce operations with the confidence that you can exceed customer expectations.

  • Magento 2 Theme Migration

    We offer custom Magento 2 theme that will meet your business goals perfectly.

  • Endless Customization Options

    Permits you to personalize website views, themes, extensions, and product categories.

  • Global Content Delivery

    Accelerate store performance using the built-in integration with Fastly’s CDN.

  • Security Features

    Owners can protect their e-commerce store with multiple levels of security permissions.

robust content management with magento 2 development company
Returning Customer Rate with magento 2 development company

Scale And Support

Get the control and flexibility you need to innovate and scale your ecommerce business.

  • Cloud Delivery

    Operate with confidence in cloud-based services with continuous releases and deployment efficiencies.

  • Optimized Performance

    Run your commerce operations with the confidence that you can exceed customer expectations.

  • Extended Capabilities

    Take your commerce capabilities to the next level with a marketplace of apps and extensions.

How Expert Magento 2 Developers Mold Your Website Differently

  • All Channels, Brands, And Sites On One Platform

    Regardless of the number of products or orders on your online store, Magento 2 is a very powerful platform enough to cater all your needs.

  • Scalability And Extensibility

    The indexer works to update data regularly, including catalogue data, users, prices and store, to improve the overall speed of your online store.

  • Creates Seamless Omnichannel Commerce

    Magento is highly scalable and has a faster end-to-end checkout time, which can significantly improve checkout experience.

  • Operational Confidence With Back-End Efficiency

    Magento provides you with easy installation of themes, extensions and custom development to completely suit your business needs.

magento 2 development company for site Best Experience


Benefits Of Magento 2 Development For Your E-commerce Business Website


High level of Professional


Unified interconnected
ecosystem of Apps


Highest level of security


Reliable and effective
Technical Solutions

Experienced Certified

Certified professionals with extensive expertise

Third Party .Net

Deliver top-notch cross-
platform application

Cross-Platform Code

Enhance existing


24/7 monitoring and

Hire Magento 2 Developers From Keyideas

Empowering Independent Business Owners Everywhere

Our company is confident in delivering complicated projects and have set up our Magento 2 development services model around quality on all fronts.

Magento 2 Support Agency Design Process

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FAQs About Magento 2 Support Agency & Development

Magento 2 is an open-source e-commerce platform built on the top of PHP programming language. It comes with a highly customizable shopping cart system and gives you more control over the look of your online store.

Yes. Data migrations from other systems are something we are happy to assist you with. With our Magento 1 to Magento 2 product migration service, you can also use caliber to synchronize data in real-time. For more details visit our Magento 2 module development page.

Magento 2 is a complex platform with a great deal of power and personalization. Our expert Magento 2 developer can make most out of its extensive capabilities and gain a competitive advantage to outstand your e-commerce store from the competitors.

Without a doubt. Our Magento 2 migration services can create new Magento 2 themes or draw them out. Our themes are 100% customized and mobile-friendly, allowing easy access to your store on any device.

Over the last few years, responsive designs and device-specific apps have gained much attention in the corporate world. The most recent version of Magento includes a responsive template and other features that meet with the mobile environment demands for B2B and B2C businesses.

With Magento 2 integration, you can manage and track your order and shipping in real-time. We can also integrate your shipping partners with your Magento 2 site’s ERP platform. For latest insights, visit our expert HTML 5 Developers post on LinkedIn.

Yes, with our Magento 1 to Magento 2 product migration service and extensive experience connecting Magento 2 websites with well-known payment solutions and payment wallets, you don’t have to break a sweat.

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