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Android Development of Dating App with Gamification for Australia Company

Android Development of Dating App with Gamification for Australia Company
Client Brief

The Australia client wanted us to develop an Android Zombie app - a dating app with gamification. The dating app would have an added layer of game principles quite similar to the Zombie game. People have been playing the game of love for ages, but this app would be designed to find love using the actual Zombie game design elements. Using the concept of a game the app is meant to give users a fun new way to find potential matches – thus improving the user engagement of the apps.

Our Endeavor

We developed a customized Dating app on the Android platform for our Perth, Australia client. Our Android developers incorporated seamless navigation features which would allow stress- free signing up, logging in or socializing options with just a few taps. The Zombie game design elements gave the app a new dimension. We designed a simple app allowing users to select different gadgets, weapons, sound effects, souvenirs and rewards to make the app more personalized. Our developers gave users advanced features that will keep their interests long term. Our developers also added the feature of setting up push notification besides also adding features to make it more women-friendly. What is the concept behind the dating game app? Get to know your counterpart anonymously or optional with a picture before you start chatting with each other. Hence the app is not only about your profile picture, but also about your honesty, creativity and the right humor.

Focus Area(s)

Android app development

Dating App


An interactive and useful gamified mobile app is a popular methodology used for the development of Dating Android Apps for a renowned Australian Company.

Android Development
Dating App with Gamification
App developement for Australia based client
Android Development of Dating App
What People Say

They were very responsive and easy to work with. The app was successfully launched, gathering at least 25% of its target users, in a short period of time. The schedule of the project was communicated well, and the team was very supportive, providing mockups that could be tested with users, and bringing both design and development expertise to the table.

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