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6 Tips to Set Up A Powerful WooCommerce Website – Learn How

Maximize a WooCommerce Website

If you are a small or large-sized online merchant engaging WordPress, you probably know about WooCommerce, don’t you? It is a plugin designed for WordPress and targeted at online merchants. The simplicity of this plugin in terms of installation has made it quite popular. Besides, you can customize it with ease. This article centralizes the proven ways to speed up a Woocommerce website.

Indeed, it’s exciting to know that you can now start your online store without much fuss. WordPress gets a lot of accolades for this. The process is swift and reasonable. Best of all, it is super-affordable to set up your professional-looking e-commerce website.

Here are the six tips to make your WooCommerce website a powerful e-commerce platform:

Tip #1: Make the Navigation Innovative

What do we mean by flattening your navigation, and how important is it?
Flattening your website’s navigation from the onset is an important innovative feature you should integrate into your online store.

With a flat design and structure, the customer will only need fewer clicks to access the desired destination on your site.

Popular e-commerce sites such as West Elm adopted this model – the links to their frequented pages are displayed. They also ensure that the links to highly relevant or new content are easily accessible.

The condensed, flattened structure helps to substantially reduce the number of clicks between your site’s homepage and the customer’s destination page/the deepest layer.

Consequently, your e-commerce site’s visitors will easily find the desired page. An added advantage of innovative navigation is that your SEO will improve. It is because the flattened structure paves a robust way for search engine crawling.

Tip #2: Integrate Live Search

We also advise online merchants to integrate live search onto their online store. It makes it easier for customers to locate the item or information they are looking for in an exact and timely manner.

A live search is a great tool that aids the viewing of highly relevant and top search results on your website – this is highly helpful to prospects. It will speed up a customer’s online shopping process.

You can engage the Product Search extension provided by WooCommerce to add this feature. Alternatively, you can select a theme that integrates this feature.

Tip #3: Use Categories and Sub-Categories to Aid Faster Discovery of Your Products

Though appearing simple, it is a credible tip. Only a few users remember to add categories as well as sub-categories in their website’s design. Yet many customers would want to sort items when they visit your online store and search for desired items. And, categories help them to accomplish the sorting quicker. Also include sub-categories to make results narrower.

You may be wondering why category pages are needful, aren’t you? Don’t wander far. First, it enhances SEO. How? More specific pages that contain long-tail keywords prospects to get you to find on Google and other search engines.

So, having a “Shoes” category, for instance, is not enough, adding sub-categories such as “Sports Shoes,” “Office Shoes,” and so on. In addition to search engine optimization , proper organizing aid customers in browsing your inventory with little or no hassles.

Now, it’s important to feature your appropriate keywords when creating categories and sub-categories. In essence, maximize your categories’ sections by ensuring they are optimal for search.

Tip #4: Enhance Your Content Internal Linking

For any online storefront to be a winning marketing tool, it must integrate internal linking. It’s a great way to enable your site visitors to link to related posts after reading content on your site. So, if you are not adding internal links to your website, you need to re-think.

You should take advantage of the built-in options on the site to add Cross-sells as well as Upsells to your products. On the product page, up-sells will be recommended as a feature that may also interest the customer — a related product.

Here’s an instance; under the “shoes” category, you may choose to upsell a more pricey navy-blue shoe. On the other hand, the cart page features cross-sell as complementary products. For instance; a customer may also choose to add a baseball cap to the cart after buying a sporting pair of shoes.

Besides, you can leverage internal linking to boost SEO in addition to increasing conversions. How is that possible? You can use internal linking to aid search engine bots in finding additional pages — making them crawl more in-depth into your online website.

However, when you manually add links, remember to accomplish content update on your online store. According to reliable statistics, nearly 40 percent of websites deal with broken links issues, as a result of removing linked products.

Tip #5: Make Your Product Descriptions Unique

Don’t just copy-paste. Spend time and energy to come up with exceptionally unique content. You should avoid duplicate content on your business site. Some people will use plugins that link their business websites to their Amazon Associate’s account to make the copy-paste process automatic.

Writing quirky content provides you with increased chances of accomplishing a top search ranking. Besides, creating your unique product descriptions will make your product pages different from your competitors, especially when you integrate media – images or short videos.

Tip #6: Don’t Fake Your Reviews

Reviews are among the most powerful aspects of social proof, especially positive reviews. Customers can spot fake reviews and can result in a total turn-off to them. Or haven’t you come across questionable reviews on a product?

You should ensure your reviews sound authentic. So, make sure you verify the reviews posted on your products’ pages. You can accomplish the verification easily by checking the box located under WooCommerce —> Settings— >Products.

The essence is to ensure that only real “verified owners” who bought the item from your online store can leave a review. Also, such persons must be signed up for an account before they can write a review. Another option is to integrate a plugin that would enable an authorized third party to vet reviews.

Finally, it is easier said than done. You may find these tasks for maximizing your WooCommerce website quite daunting and complex. This is where professional website design help will be your best option.

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