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Building your website with flat design

In the past, the designers of web sites put a special effort on their skills by packing sites with illustrations and animations that supposedly hypnotize their visitors. And then came a shift toward skeuomorphic design, which has tried to bring the real life on the screen, with false-realistic textures, drop shadows and the characteristics of the object.

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Which has now yielded to a flat design trend, which is opposed to all these "artificial" design techniques, in favor of a more simplified, classic digital aesthetic. This user-centered web graphic design style shows no sign of going away, that is why this guide could be exactly what you need.

Flat Design is a minimalist design approach that favors the friendliness. It offers clean, open space, edges sharp, vivid colors and two-dimensional/flat illustrations.

In flat design, decorative elements are regarded as unnecessary clutter. If an aspect serves no functional purpose, it is a distraction of the user experience. That’s why, this design features cool minimalist characters.

However, just because it got no flashy design does not mean that this style is boring or annoying. Bright, contrasting colors create illustrations and buttons pop from backgrounds, easiluide the user's eye. The purpose of the minimalist images also contributes to the flat design of the functional character.

Fast to grasp

Simple images convey messages more quickly than detailed illustrations. The Images as icons can indicate universal actions and purposes, that’s why everyone can understand it very easily.

It is easy to immediately see a difference between a skeuomorphic and flat design. You can notice how the large, solid color blocks are more eye-catching and the meaning of the icons can be quickly perceived.

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How to do

Designing a flat site, all the elements of design must be centered on the idea of simplicity.

Solid, bright colors give the necessary emphasis to put those aside in place of illustrations and details; simple typography provides a clean eye-spot, supplement to the illustrations; text is concise and precise; user interface elements such as buttons and links are clear and perceptible.

Everything must be designed with one goal in mind to create a visual consistency and clean functional UI/UX design.

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