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Create Responsive Website with AngularJS

AngularJS is a popular JavaScript UI framework by Google for developing web applications. AngularJS best suits front end development and single page applications. It is an ideal platform for scalable applications.

Keyideas provides you the best solution and support for AngularJS open source web application framework as it brings some amazing features in dynamic views of the web application. We help our clients to get into the marketplace quicker and in an easy way with AngularJS.

Getting Started:

  • Plan a complete client-side solution for your project.
  • Use AngularJS, structured framework building dynamic web apps.
  • Develop quick and robust browser based applications.

Key Features & Controls

AngularJS simplifies the front-end development experience. The MVC patterns of AngularJS could accelerate the process of app development. Our dedicated developers have delivered fast, scalable and appealing web applications and mobile apps using AngularJS. It provides amazing web templates by simply expanding the HTML vocabulary.

Reusable HTML Components

Using custom directives in AngularJS one can create reusable JavaScript components. These reusable code samples can be a head start for the next project as we need to write less code.

Ideal Partner with Any Client Technology

It is best suited for client-side single-page apps. It allows the usage of HTML as a template language, providing dynamic data binding and works well with other frameworks.

Two Way Data Binding in AngularJS

Data-binding is the most popular feature of AngularJS. It saves developers from writing considerable amount of code. Data binding reduces major portion of the code base.

Build Sophisticated Features Using AngularJS

There has been growing demand for interactive designs on mobile apps and websites. Features of AngularJS help to build scalable applications together with rich and beautiful UI design.

Expedites Development of Web Apps

AngularJS is powerful framework that can help developers accelerate the development of the web applications. Used for simple to intermediate calculations and customization of charts.

AngularJS Navigates the DOM Templates

In AngularJS, templates are in HTML and you can create your own directives. It only requires HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the client side and creates workflow between designer & developers.

Preferred Platforms for Mobile Apps

Looking for JavaScript framework to organize web applications, then AngularJS is the most preferred platform. We help you declare dynamic views in the web applications.

AngularJS extends HTML by Providing Directives

Powerful features of AngularJS are Directives. Directives compress the properties and functionalities of an element in systematic way keeping all the functionalities grouped together.

AngularJS is Cross Browser Compliant

Applications written in AngularJS are cross browser compliant. It automatically handles the JavaScript code suitable for multiple browsers allowing users to use their preferred browser.

Adaptive Development Approach

Adaptive process is a modified approach of widely practiced agile models. Adaptive planning and development means going through the project cycle several times, re-planning and re-adapting. Adaptive development approach is the result of rapid application development and replaces the traditional waterfall cycle.

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