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Contact more clients, make more virtual visits and sell more properties, with a Keyideas real estate web & mobile solution that lets people buy their homes the way they want to.

Real Estate Sector Web Design

Our web designs combine visual prowess (real estate views, plans, 360° virtual visits and more) with lead generation mechanisms for a natural transition from curious visitors to interested prospects. Customers can view real estate information by selecting different categories (location, size, price, local amenities and more). Their user experience is also enhanced by the attention we pay to excellent performance, fast information and photo displays, and simple yet comprehensive functions for them to home in on the real estate that is just right for them.

Real Estate Sector Web Development

Keyideas builds in easy-to-use website administration and content management, so that you can update your real estate website whenever you like, wherever you like. By inviting visitors to leave their contact details, use your site to automatically trigger updates for them based precisely on what they are looking for. Promote properties new on the market and mark the ones already under offer or now sold, easily and quickly.

Real Estate Sector Web-Based Business Applications

It's no secret that paperwork is a large part of the real estate business. Yet cost-effective business applications working together with your website can automate and streamline much of the manual effort you would otherwise expend. Workflows and property forms processes can be easily defined with timelines to generate reminders by themselves. Complete records of every visit made, transaction executed and property sale made can be automatically stored. Rental contracts and leasing agreements, managed services contracts and realty inspection reports can all be configured into online processes that free your time up for better selling and customer relationships.

Mobile Site Advantages for the Real Estate Sector

When you're out showing realty to buyers or evaluating a property for a seller, a mobile connection to your website can save innumerable phone calls, and toing and froing. The same is true for your customers who are more than likely to show up with smartphone in hand for a visit of property that interests them. That means your site has to cater to mobile users at least as well as it does to conventional PC users. Keyideas has wide ranging experience in designing and developing quality, high-performance, user-friendly websites that give buyers, sellers and realtors the best mobile user experience possible.

Mobile Apps for Competitive Automobile Companies

With the right mobile apps, real estate buyers and sellers will naturally turn to your company to do business. Leverage Keyideas' extensive experience in creating apps with GPS location, smart keyword search, automatic price change alerts and personalized search areas that buyers can draw out simply and easily on their smartphone screens. Add in financial tools to instantly calculate affordability to make sure that you and your customers are always discussing properties that can lead to a satisfactory transaction for all.

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Supported Technologies

All Browsers

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Debug web traffic from any Windows-based PC, Mac or Linux system and mobile devices alike.

Any Platform

Keyideas is here to help, no matter what platform or language you use to develop.

Dedicated Team Model (DTM)

Keyideas, DTM model offer clients simple, yet highly cost-effective and reliable solutions pertaining to the deployment of varying types of technical groups and resources.

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Keyideas has proven to be a great partner for us in all our web and mobile development projects for some time. The recent project we decided to work with them was slightly complex as some of the companies turned down the project due to the ...Read More

Tom McLaughlin

Laser Trolley, LLC. USA


Great trustworthy team. I have been working with them for a long time and find them way ahead of other teams that I have worked in past whether it’s locally or abroad. I have worked with them on different projects, some were simple and so...Read More

Glen George



This was our first time working with Keyideas but we will be back. They were great with what they do. Very detailed and professional which makes them different.

Don Shaw

Critical Control Solutions Crop, Canada

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