Result Oriented Development Methodology

Development Methodology is a framework used to organization, plan and implement the process of developing a software application.

Development methodology provides opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle. This is achieved through a well-defined development and testing process known as sprints or iterations, the deliverable being an enhanced application or product.

Agile development methodologies help companies build the right product. It allows teams to continuously re-plan their releases, to optimize their development process thus allowing companies to be more competitive. Development methodology plays an important role as we achieve defined goals and results within budget and timelines. Out of the various development methodologies, we choose the best suited development method based on the client’s requirement.

Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is also known as ‘iterative’ or ‘incremental’, as it focuses on the repetition of the work cycles. Every aspect of requirement, design and development are revisited throughout the lifecycle.

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Scrum Development

Goal is to improve productivity which is characterized by brief daily meetings, brief planning sessions, a list of prioritized work to be done and a retrospective at the end of the sprint.

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Test Driven Development

It is an evolutionary approach to development and it focuses on tests, reversing the way of development. Also known as test-driven design, as unit testing is repeatedly done on the source code.

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Waterfall Methodology

A sequential development process as it progresses steadily downwards through the various phases. It is one of the most popular methodologies as it is very simple to understand and use.

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