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Trust us with your WordPress site’s security needs.

Stay up-to-date on the latest WordPress and WooCommerce releases without having to worry about any security issues.

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Get Premium Security Services today with our Company!

Have peace of mind knowing your WordPress site is being monitored 24/7.

  • right iconkeep Your Site Up And Running

    We provide round-the-clock security monitoring so you never have to worry about another break-in or attack on your website.

  • right iconStay Up To Date

    Update WordPress and WooCommerce as soon as security flaws are detected or released so your site never gets infected or hacked again.

  • right iconGet Greater Peace Of Mind

    You’ll never feel unsafe or unsure about how to keep your site safe again when we’ve got your back.

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Secure WordPress Websites Without Breaking a Sweat

With responsive email campaigns, social media posts, and more—you can trust us with all your WordPress site’s security needs.

  • right iconLessens Maintenance Burden

    A good security company should ease site owners’ worries about updating WordPress automatically, so they can focus on growing their business.

  • right iconProtects Important Data

    A good security company should protect website owners’ information (usernames, passwords, financial data) from malicious hacking.

  • right iconImproves Web Traffic

    A good security company should also improve web traffic as well as a site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Built-in Security

We include a robust anti-malware system called WP Antivirus PRO.

  • right iconResponsive Design

    Comes packed with a fully responsive design to look sharp on any device, no matter what size or shape.

  • right iconHTTPS Encryption

    Our plugins will make sure all data is encrypted, secure, and private.

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To Keep WordPress Extra Secure


Have Additional WordPress & WooCommerce Security

With our WooCommerce Security module, everything is done automatically so you can stay on top of changes without sacrificing security or updates!

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Best Plugin Safeguards

Our WooCommerce Security plugin safeguards your site from unauthorized file editing which can cause irreversible damage to your site.

  • right iconProtect your site

    Keep hackers at bay – even if they manage to get access, they won’t be able to modify any files on your site.

  • right iconBe PCI Compliant

    Reduce the risk of being fined by credit card companies due to data breaches.

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Get Advance WordPress Updates

Updates are now available for WordPress 4.2 and WooCommerce 2.4+.

  • right iconAutomatic Updates

    Automatically update when WordPress is updated so your WooCommerce site will be updated as well.

  • right iconReduce Risks

    With our WooCommerce Security plugin, you can now set a more secure way for customers to sign up and make purchases on your WooCommerce store

  • right iconDetect WooCommerce Stores

    Gain protection from security threats that target WooCommerce stores such as malware, injections, scrapers, and exploits without any false positives or breakages.

Protect Your Website From Hackers

Block hackers from changing your file settings with our WooCommerce Security plugin.

  • right iconSecure WooCommerce

    Remove WooCommerce Edit Files so they can’t be edited.

  • right iconAlign With GDPR

    Prevent EU citizens from changing their data on file without their consent

  • right iconProtect Data

    Prevent unwanted users from editing sensitive data

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Get Ready for the Latest WordPress Update

  • right iconAutomatically Update WooCommerce Plugins

    Get new security updates before they’re available on the WordPress plugin directory

  • right iconNever Worry About WordPress Updates

    Automatically update when new releases come out without ever worrying about breaking compatibility.

  • right iconStay Ahead Of WordPress Security Threats

    Get quick alerts on upcoming WordPress or WooCommerce vulnerabilities

  • right iconSecurity Checks

    Get notified if there are any security issues found so you can fix them ASAP.

WordPress Development Benefits To Built Fast & Reliable Website

Our consultants are seasoned professionals

We are committed to teaching their clients how they can do it better!

Need a Security developer? Hire them from our platform

  • right iconYou can hire skilled developers without breaking the bank!
  • right iconFind a developer who fits your needs as soon as possible!
  • right iconHire a professional who has had years of experience developing security systems!
  • right iconWith Keyideas’s monthly pay-as-you-go payment plan, security will never break the bank.
  • right iconDedicated developers from our expert teams work hand-in-hand with your employees to understand your security needs and deliver effective solutions fast.
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FAQs About WordPress & WooCommerce Security


A security provider company helps protect your website from hackers and other online threats.

If you have an online store that uses the WooCommerce platform, you may need a WooCommerce Security Provider to help secure your site and protect your customers’ information. You can rely on Keyideas for your WordPress and WooCommerce-related security. Check out our Linkedin platform to get further knowledge about the company. Also, check our WooCommerce Development page to get one solution.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a security provider company, including the range of features they offer, the level of support they provide, and their prices. You should also take note of how many customers they have served in comparison with their competitors, as well as their customer service reviews.

Although it’s not very likely, it is Commerce Security Provider might go out of business in the future. If this happens, you’ll want to be prepared by having a plan in place in case your store suddenly doesn’t have protection.

The best way to prevent this problem altogether is just to sign up with multiple providers at the same time and spread out the risk among them. Doing this allows you to keep your business protected if something goes wrong with one of your providers. Alternatively, you could also establish a relationship with a company like Keyideas where we provide both technology and IT support services.

SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. You can check out WooCommerce backup service page for more info on security in WooCommerce.

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