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Our experts manage Magento 2 inventory under our Magento 2 inventory services.

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Scale Multichannel Business With Powerful Magento 2 Inventory Management

The Magento 2 Inventory Management system monitors your stock levels across all sales channels and locations. Ensure that the correct stock is available at the right time, place and price.

Sell Without Limits With All-In-One System

Improve your online visibility to users and search engines, increasing revenue and business growth. To effectively manage the supply of your online store, we help you through our Magento 2 inventory management.

  • Magento Core Allows You To Centralize Your Products

    For all of your channels, you can manage a single product catalogue. Eliminate errors and additional data entry by syncing goods seamlessly.

  • Sync Inventory With Many Channels and Locations

    Using your Magento 2 Inventory Management system, instantly update inventory levels across sales channels, warehouses, and storefronts.

  • Ensure The Accuracy Of Your Inventory

    Know how much merchandise you have in stock and how much you need to reorder. Improve the stock management process by optimizing it.

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Products & Services with Magento 2 inventory

Stock Transfer & Inventory Adjustment

Magento 2 offers features like product management that makes it easy to organize and understand your site. We assist you in quickly scanning and adding products while conducting sales, purchases, and inventory counts. Now no more trouble figuring out how to successfully manage stocks!

  • Seamless Inventory Transfer

    Do you have several warehouses? Check each warehouse’s stock levels. Move items from one location to another with ease.

  • Three Easy Steps-Quick Inventory

    Select products to verify the list, count items, and document the reasons for discrepancies.

  • Effortless Inventory Revision

    Adjust the recorded quantity in each place to reflect the actual amount in your warehouse.

Customer Experience In Inventory Management

You can satisfy customers and persuade them to make additional purchases. We manage your stock levels properly and guarantee product availability through Magento 2 inventory management.

  • Show Product Availability On The Storefront

    Activate this feature to display stock availability on product pages and provide customers with up-to-date availability information.

  • Allow Quantity Increments

    Allowing clients to purchase goods in predetermined increments can be helpful for large orders or things sold in fixed groups.

  • Set The Quantity For Different Customer Groups

    For different client groups, alter the minimum and maximum numbers permitted in shopping carts to accommodate their distinct requirements and preferences.

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Feature-Rich Magento Inventory Provides Seamless Shopping Experience

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  • Prevent Data Loss

    We create modules to ensure the highest level of data security. As a result, your store’s owner cannot delete existing sources or edit their codes.

  • Easily Import Stock Data

    Import the data with Magento 2 stock control. You may instantly change inventory with Magento 2 by importing all necessary data from a CSV or XML file.

  • Instant Notifications

    The extension allows warehouse owners to get email reminders when an item needs to be dispatched from a particular source or when an item is short on stock.

  • Information Exporting

    Manually export stock data or use the automatic export feature that runs when you start and stop using the module.

Make Better Decision With Complete Inventory Reports

With centralized data management in Magento 2, data is always up to date and accessible to your retail. We save you time on inventory audits with our easy-to-read reports.

  • Optimal Inventory Costs

    Know which things sell the best and which ones don’t. Determine the most efficient warehouse and the most popular products among customers.

  • Boost Your Company Profits

    Keep track of your product’s cost of goods sold (COGS) to figure out how much profit you’re making. Profitably expand while conserving time and resources.

  • Reduce Chances Of Overbuying

    On purchase orders, keep track of upcoming products. When you’re overbuying, act quickly.

  • Accounting Time Savings

    Inventory data can be exported anytime for accounting, and stock value audits.

Payment Gateway Integration with Magento 2 inventory

Magento 2 Inventory Management Software

Turn Your Visitors Into Regular Consumers With Our Magento Inventory Development

The Keyideas Magento 2 Inventory Management Extension allows you to manage many aspects of your store inventory and the store backend from your desktop or mobile device.

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Magento 2 Inventory Features

Reward system helps convert your buyers into loyal customers effortlessly.

  • On Your Fingertips With Magento 2 Inventory

    With Keyideas Inventory Mobile App, you can easily track and monitor your inventory.

  • Multi-Store Inventory Support In Magento 2

    Create reports for different goods and supported currencies based on the sales and customer module data for the e-store you choose.

  • Efficient Supply Chain

    With our Magento 2 Inventory Management Software, you can manage all aspects of your supply chain.

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Returning Customer Rate with Magento 2 inventory

Supervision Of Purchased Orders

Through Magento 2 Inventory Management Extension, our team gives you thorough reports to handle various phases of all your stores.

  • Stock Tracking Made Simple

    With our Magento 2 inventory tool, you can track the development of your stock from anywhere.

  • Magento 2 Inventory Management In Real-Time

    Create unique barcodes for your stocks and get a real-time index count by scanning a specific barcode.

  • Support for Mobile Apps

    There’s no need to confine yourself to your workstation any longer. From a single cell phone app, effectively manage your inventory and supply chain activities.

How Our Magento Inventory Developers Build Your Website Differently

  • One Platform, All Channels, Brands And Sites

    Regardless of the number of products or orders on your online store, Magento is a very powerful platform enough to cater all your needs.

  • Scalability And Extensibility

    The indexer works to update data regularly, including catalogue data, users, prices and store, to improve the overall speed of your online store.

  • Creates Seamless Omnichannel Commerce

    Magento is highly scalable and has a faster end-to-end checkout time, which can significantly improve checkout experience.

  • Operational Confidence With Back-End Efficiency

    Magento provides you with easy installation of themes, extensions and custom development to completely suit your business needs.

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Magento 2 Inventory Development Process

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FAQ About Magento 2 Inventory Management

Go to the product editing page in the Admin Panel in Magento 2 to add inventory. Adapt the Advanced Inventory settings’ quantity field.

Inventory management tools are already included with Magento 2. It enables business owners to monitor product availability and stock levels effectively.

With Magento 2, you can control inventory from the Admin Panel. General inventory settings, stock options, and product stock options can all be configured here.

The locations where your products are stored are known as inventory sources in Magento 2. It includes storage facilities or distribution hubs. Through the Magento 2 Admin Panel, you can manage the sources of your inventory.

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