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Why did Android App Developer make Turing Phone?

Today's modern smartphones are pretty secure and come with a whole bunch of security features such as fingerprint sensors, iris scanners, encryption and more. Though these features are more than enough for the majority of the users, there are some users who require only the best when it comes to data security and privacy. TRI Turing Robotics Industries made waves last year when it announced its first smartphone with end-to-end encryption – Turing Phone. The Turing Phone promises to be the sturdiest, most secure smartphone around and it also boasts of Jolly's Sailfish operating system. Made out of Liquidmorphium, the Turing Phone is unbreakable according to manufacturers. The Turing Phone was supposed to be an unhackable Android phone, with the apps developed exclusively by Android app developers — the design didn’t even include a USB port that could be used for wrong purposes. The phone’s primary selling point is not its operating system, but rather its secure software, super strong liquid metal build, and unique styling.

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Rugged Turing Phone to run on Sailfish OS, not Android

TRI shifted the operating system from Google’s Android to Jolla’s Sailfish, after which the company confirmed that the Turing Phone would be shipping the phones, starting July 2016. Though Sailfish is a maturing OS and all because of the Linux Foundation it is capable of running Android applications developed by Android app developers. Sailfish offers a platform which avoids Android inherent security issues but can still run the countless number of Android applications developed by best android app developers. It is a super-secure platform environment, which Android lacks and it does not use Java for UI. So Turing Phone targets design-savvy users and those who care about their privacy. Sailfish OS runs exceptionally fast on Turing Phone; one does not have to worry about performance issues when using Sailfish OS. The smartphone would not be running Android at all. In its place will be Sailfish OS, an operating system developed by ex-Nokia engineers under the company name Jolly. Sailfish OS has been developed for many years but still, it needs a lot of work. The concept is in place but it lacks in the key areas. Technically, Sailfish can run Android apps developed by Android app developers, but the company cannot ensure 100% compatibility of Android apps with Sailfish OS. Turing Phone will no longer run Android but it has reassured it users that Sailfish OS is able the run Android apps built by Android app developers without any issues.

Turing Phone the Craziest Android Device

We are walking into the cipher phone age that is where TRI introduces the Turing Phone. The Turing Phone is an Android smartphone that aims to put security, durability, and fashion above all the others. In other words, the Turing Phone is anything but your typical phone. There's no headphone jack, and the thing doesn't even have a USB connector. The Turing Phone was in the headlines when the security focused company TRI promised to bring consumers a strong and secure smartphone in an incredibly sleek package.

Awesome Features of Turing Phone

The interesting design gives the phone a premium look and feels, which helps forgive the heaviness as well as the bulkiness – tough it is thick and heavy. The smartphone is made from liquid morphism, a new type of metal that is stronger than titanium. The phone has a highly durable body, besides it also features diamond-like-carbon coating and a sapphire glass screen. As far as the camera is concerned, the Turing Phone packs 13-megapixel primary camera on the rear and 8-megapixel front shooter for the selfies. The Turing Phone runs Android 5.1 version and is powered by a 3000mAh nonremovable battery. The Turing Phone is a single SIM smartphone that accepts a Micro-SIM. TRI say that its mission is to create trustworthy mobile technologies, thus helping organizations create trustworthy networks, in which communications and data are safe from cyber-attacks. The Turing Phone is fully waterproof; thanks to the nano coating that shields its internal component. The phone can survive submersions without issue. The phone does not have access to Google Play Store, which is the best place to get all the apps. Turing phone will come with an ‘Android Application Store’ if you need to download any important Android apps to the device.

Turing Phone First Look, a Focus on Security Hardware & Software

Security focused Android smartphones have been popping left and right over the last few years. Turing Phone takes a different approach and gives a unique addition to the Android ecosystem. The phone prioritizes security, offering a full set of features and characteristics that will ensure the user’s data is completely safe. The Turing Phone features a fingerprint reader but is placed in a unique area of the phone. The prime aim of the phone is to be as secure as possible, but ports can be vulnerable. Hence they have got away with the micro-USB port which is replaced by a proprietary magnetic charger that only works for charging the device. The Turing Phone has a two-step verification to keep anyone from accessing the device. The user has to use the figure print reader, as well as input an on-screen code to access the phone.

Just How Secure is the Turing Phone?

The difference between the Turing Phone and other phones, according to Turing, is that it brings security to the hardware itself. Most smartphones rely on software services for their security, but the Turing Phone relies on the Turing Imitation Key – it is a pretty complex system, but essentially security keys are stored and protected on the phone and kept offline. Interestingly, nothing is uploaded to the internet, where it could be hacked and intercepted. When someone tries to communicate with you, they’re handed a public key, which encrypts the connection. Only the private key, which is located securely on your smartphone, can decrypt that message. Theoretically, that means there’s no way for anyone to intercept communications and decrypt messages. Hacker proof? Perhaps, for now. But with future generations of hacking tools, the phone will almost certainly become hackable. For now, the device is one of the most secured ones out there.

Wrap up

The Turing Phone is a beautiful device, but customers are more impressed by its build quality and complete security measures. The long-awaited Turing Phone was first slated as an unbreakable, security-heavy smartphone that is able to withstand the greatest of malwares, hackers and attackers. Hence in this era of Turing Phone essentially means to have one of the world’s fastest mobile devices running the fastest OS with the capability of running your favorite app in a secured environment. Now the company has created what it claims is an unhackable and unbreakable handset, aptly named the Turing Phone. Not the best bang for the buck, but hopefully, the security features can make up for it and if not, the rarity of the units could actually fetch a good price in the auction. Time will tell whether the Turing Phone will be able to survive the challenges. How many of you feel the need for such type of security? But certainly, there are high profile companies adopting these phones, especially considering their accessible pricings. Data security and transaction security are the key areas of concern in the enterprise market and the Turing Phone may just overcome this market by surprise.