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Coding For UI/UX Web Designers | How it Benefits?

23 Nov, 20156 mins read


Coding For UI/UX Web Designers | How it Benefits?

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To become a successful UI or web design professionals, one needs to have more than just the right equipment or an impressive grasp of the design aspect of development. Coding is one of the essential skills for building a professional repertoire today. Here are ten reasons why every designer should learn to code.

Point 1: Enhances Creativity — A combination of design skills, such as Photoshop or any other software with CSS, HTML, or any web programming language, is greater than the sum of the individual parts. For a designer, coding is not a restriction, but it is liberating in that it opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Point 2: Expertise Work — As a web designer who handles the coding part of web development, you will be in a position to execute your designs exactly how you want them to run. Splitting the duties of design and coding often brings degradation of operational elements of the website.

Point 3: Dedicated Graphic Designers — There is a very narrow bridge between web and user interface design and coding. Experts even argue that CSS and HTML are more of a designer’s tools than a developer’s. As a web design and development come close to being the same, dedicated graphic web designers are the ones who can handle the coding as well.

Point 4: Saves Time — One person who can handle web designing, as well as coding, saves a lot of time—both for the client and the contractor. There is much harmony in the design and development of a website when only one professional handles both facets of the production.

Point 5: Countless Opportunities — An experienced or skilled designer who learns how to code massively increases job opportunities available in the market. As a designer, whether you are looking for permanent employment or are making strides as an independent contractor, coding will open up limitless opportunities.

Point 6: Future Market Demands and Competition —DIY website development is becoming very popular, and anyone who uses a computer today can doubtlessly build a functional website from a template. It means that in the coming future, the market will need more coders as website design experts rather than just web designers.

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Point 7: Keep Up With the Technology Advancements — As a web designer, it is convenient to be edged aside by emerging technologies in web development if you cannot code. Learning to code and using the skills in your day-to-day coding tasks are the best ways to stay in the loop and updated when new web development technologies emerge.

Point 8: Better Understanding — Learning to code as a web designer helps you understand what web developers see and require from a designer, which ultimately helps to become a better designer. Since a designer, at some point, has to interact with a web developer, it assists in the dealing too.

Point 9: Mandatory Upgradation — Whether you are an experienced or a newbie web designer, learning to code will be very easy and the learning curve pretty steep. Most developers start as designers and gradually upgrade their skills to become developers. It is a proven path that every web design professionals should consider.

Point 10: Adds Value and Worth — A web designer with coding skills is more valuable than a more talented designer with no coding skills. Elementary web development languages such as HTML, jQuery, and CSS will naturally add a lot of weight and worth to a web designer’s portfolio. Many firms prefer to hire HTML5 developers with expertise rather than individuals from various background skills.

To Recap

A web designer who can code is a precious asset for any client or company. Most companies would want to hire a designer with coding skills over just a web designer. If you are a web designer, these ten reasons should inspire you to learn and master coding and web application development.

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