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Why are Visuals Important from a UI Design Perspective?

User Interface Design focuses on anticipating what the user might need to do and ensures that the interface has elements that are easy to access and understand. UI is a junction between a user and a computer program. It brings together the concept of visual design, interaction design and information architecture design.

It is a fact that UI design is the most vital component of a web application design. Users appreciate interesting and aesthetically appealing websites and apps and hence UI helps to make it easy and enjoyable for the uses to interact with the app or website page. A great user interface design helps users accomplish tasks in the most efficient way. UI designing begins way before the product idea is even conceived.

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The look and feel of the website page or the app screen is important as it said that the first impression is the last impression. It takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to judge the website. Hence the UI functions play a crucial role in the success of a web page or an app, though there are many other elements that do influence the users to take decisions.

Before designing, one should gather complete information about the targeted users, their behavioral pattern and have a good understanding of their flavors. Besides, one must also define the visual design elements like fonts, page structure and action elements of the application. The UI design should be such that it is unique in nature and gives a familiar vibe to the users.

There are various factors that make a UI design successful and the most important one is maintaining the visual consistency on how the elements are placed on the screen. Lack of consistency can make the page look confusing, messy, complicated and chaotic for the customer. On the other hand, having a visual uniformity will help users to easily interact with your app or web page.

A successful UI design will automatically attract more traffic towards it and hence visuals play an integral part in increasing the usability of your UI design. The systematic and structured layout of the page together with the content and the visuals help to increase the usability. An excellent UI helps users to access the most important content easily and efficiently. The visual stability between the design elements on the page can help to highlight the most critical part of the website in a concise manner. A flawless design has the ability to make a connection with your customers and hold them on the site for a longer time, which in turn would drive decisions, resulting in changing audiences to valuable customers. Visuals do the job of turning expectations into customer satisfaction.

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There are no definite formulas to create a great user experience, but there are some basic principles around which user experience design can work wonders. Visible Language refers to all the graphical user interface techniques used to communicate the content. The friendliness of layouts, typography, color, texture, imagery, animation and sequencing on different pages create a sense of reliability and stability that help the user to navigate the site freely without any frustration. Navigability is another important factor for a good UI, a feature that assists users to navigate throughout the page. Readability, i.e. the display must be easy to interpret and classify and should also be appealing and eye-catching.

It is said that the visual interaction is the strongest interaction that builds decision making ability among the user in seconds. Visuals should be such that it makes it customers to pause and think about the application. Always use the same design structure, fonts and image pattern on all the pages expect if any page is built for a specific purpose. The flow of the visual aspect should be strictly maintained throughout the web application development or app. Design is not just what it looks and feels like but design is how it works!