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Trends that Dominate the Mobile App Development

Smartphones have become a must have gadgets these days. Mobile App development industry is booming and evolving year after year. We are used to the idea of using applications in our day to day life. Mobile Apps have helped businesses as well as individuals grow. Apps solve a number of business related problems and are revolutionizing the ways companies work and communicate with their clients. The mobile apps not only solve business problems, but also enhance the efficiency of the operations. Smartphones help to communicate with remotely located employees and clients, allow flexibility in the work. These have led to improved productivity levels and employee satisfaction. Today’ mobile applications help customers reach different corners of the world. Mobile development has gained momentum in past few years and the trend has progressed from smartphones to Internet of Things and wearable devices.

Keyideas mobile app development trends-2016

Research has shown that app development is at its beginning stages and will continue to generate an impressive growth during the next few years. There is a close competition between Android and iOS and both are constantly growing as a mobile platform. A drastic change has been noticed in the mobile industry with rise of new platforms, which has resulted in the decline of the native apps.

Connected objects will soon become an everyday companion. Google together with Nest have come up with several smart appliances and has also released a smoke detector application controlled by a smartphone app. Google smart homes have several of these connected appliances like smart lock, smart lights, smart ac, smart coffee maker, smart TV and more. Internet of Things has become a reality today and it will not be long when it will revolutionize the App development world.

Cloud technology service provider will play a key role in mobile app development in the years to come. With the usage of multiple mobile devices and wearable technology, app developers will have to focus on integration of these apps on multiple devices. Cloud Applications offers features like rich user experience, offline mode option and a quick response to user experience. Hence mobile cloud applications will increase the scope of software development.
Mobile Application Development Trends

Predictions show that there is a growth for Enterprise Apps as compared to Consumer Applications. IoT for Enterprises (Enterprise of Things) is expected to grow in the near future. Enterprise App Stores are also expected to emerge which will allow B2B application exchanges. There will be tremendous opportunities for app developers to work for the Enterprise market.

As per Gartner’s prediction, 75% of mobile applications fail the basic security tests. Hence security remains a big challenge on mobile devices and mobile app security is something developers seriously need to act upon.

Smartphone has become the most important accessory of our life and mobile apps account for more than 52% of time spent on mobile devices. IoT and Big Data too have a major influence on all current mobile app projects. Mobile industry is undergoing a revolution and there is a lot to look forward to in terms of new trends in mobile app development!