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The Non-developer’s Guide to Hiring Android Developers

The mobile economy is growing at an exponential rate. This exponential increase in growth has brought about a fierce competition for talented mobile Android app developers across the globe. Great start-up ideas meet huge roadblocks. How does a non-developer go about hiring an Android app developer?

The Non-developer’s Guide to Hiring Android Developers

As a non-developer, trying to figure out what makes a good Android app developer can be challenging at times. To keep the ideas and projects flowing, enterprises face the challenge of hiring and training Android app developers to handle mobile app projects using new technologies. Android software development had been a decade old industry and hence finding the right Android app developer is a simpler task as compared to other platforms.

Android developers dominate the mobile talent pool at 72%.
A total number of mobile app developers globally – 8.7M.

The mobile market is growing rapidly and by 2020 the world is expected to see 4.6 million unique mobile subscribers. Attracting and hiring a great programmer for your company is difficult but it is not impossible. There are few tested and tried steps to getting the right Android app developer for your team – guaranteed to make the hiring process a whole lot easier.

1. Know what you Need

What is your company trying to accomplish? You need to set out your Android software development goals before looking for a programmer or you will be stuck with someone who is not suited to the job. Be clear about your expectation and see whether the Android App developer is a good fit for the job.

2. Get Developers Involved in the Hiring Process

If you are a non-technical leader, then make sure the people who are experts are involved in the hiring process. It is not a requirement that non-technical folk should know how to code in order to recruit and hire Android app developer. The developer team also needs to understand how to hire folks like them and should be involved in the hiring process.

3. Get Rid of the Pre-screening Software

Buying software that pre-screens candidates are tempting; a lot of larger companies do it. As they get tons of resumes every day, they need a timely way to sort through them. But this is not the right way to proceed. Many Android app developers do not have anything close to a traditional degree. It is said, some of the best Android app developers never went to college, or went to study something other than computer science. If you use pre-screening software, it is likely that you will miss out on some amazing potential hires.

4. Talk to Friends who are Good Developers

If you do not have a programming background, try to find some developer friend to point you in the right direction. Ask about the hiring process, questions to ask in the interview and specific answers to look for. This will give you the confidence to tackle the several rounds of interviews on your own but try to have a one or two programmer in the room for later rounds. Once you start asking technical questions, you need an Android app developer around who knows what to look for.

5. Never Hire Before Giving a Test Project

It is a good idea to hire an Android app developer after giving a test project. It is tempting to hire dedicated programmer that looks smart – but do not extend an offer until you have seen the work the candidate produces. There are several online sites that make the testing process easier. A programming session would help to evaluate how the developer analyzes and approaches a problem and the quality of the code written to do so. You would firmly believe that this is the most fundamental tool to assess the actual level and talent of a software developer.

6. Be a Great Place to Work

The best way to compete with the deep pockets of Facebook, Google, etc. is to make your company be a great place to work. It is not about the goodies in the office, it is about the signal. The Aeron chairs and 27-inch monitors, only say we care about our Android app developers and are willing to spend money to make them comfortable. Though your company may never reach the status of GitHub, but just a few changes can go a long way. Sometimes hiring great developers have got to do with the work environment.

In summary, it is important to understand what the company wants and how a candidate may fit into that. Today’s Android software development requires creative & talented developers who should be able to communicate with you in non-programmer terms as well. At times, hiring an Android app developer can be a stressful, difficult process, but once you get the hang of it, it would not seem as complicated. As long as you know what you are looking for in an Android app developer, and consider your prospective employee’s talents and personality, you should be able to pick the engineer who’s best for the job. Android app development is a very promising and challenging branch of the mobile industry and the industry provides more opportunities as it continues to be the most profitable platform.