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How to Retain your Clients by Developing a Thoughtful Mobile App

‘Clients run businesses’- many would tell you otherwise-but don’t believe them. Gone are the days when business policies alone were the driving force behind success of any micro or macro scale business, ever since the origin of ‘e-business’, the old client-business model has been supplanted with one that stresses on role of clientele in demise or rise of any business.

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Successful businesses today have a ‘dedicated’ client (consumer) base, Apple being an example. Business owners of such successful endeavors ‘know’ their clients, their needs, and then orientate their business strategies to retain their primary support base (clients) with high degree of social connectivity, online presence, personalized interaction, dedicated services, lucrative offers and with an emotional feeling of ‘we’ and ‘us’ with their clients.

Among many other baby steps that a business can take to retain its customers, a rather important and equally compulsory is a ‘mobile app’. There’s no doubt that responsive websites today are best adept at customizing or scaling down to mobile versions, they nonetheless fail to create the online connection between a business and her clients. People don’t have time nor they like the idea of browsing through the internet to reach a business’ website, when they feel- or are taught-that a dedicated app best serves the purpose.

People today use Mcommerce applications to shop (eBay), to check weather updates of their hometown or their tour destination (bbcweather), to check latest happenings around the world in politics (nytimes) or in sports like cricket (espncricinfo) and others.

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Such dedicated apps serves both the business and its customers; if at one hand it provides the customers with personalized data, it also benefits business with prolonged app interaction session that in return translates into higher business income and an even high bonding between the two.

Following are the different ways that a business (in its app strategy) should adopt in retaining their client base:

Personalize content: It’s important to understand that people are more interested in things that they can relate with, find heart in, or are fond of e.g. A Madonna lover in a music app would like to see that app as the one best equipped with all the Madonna numbers, while a fusion fan will see it as best suited for fusion songs. Hence it’s important that app’s content should be personalized as per data collected of user’s preferences.

Real Time Communication: Push notification, alerts are means by which an app can make clients feel her presence over and over. This allows them to bring current happenings from round the globe to their client’s screens (news apps). Similarly, they can use GPS locators to find location of their users, and can bring details of places to visit (travel guides) or can help meet their friend living nearby (social media apps), ensuring client’s trust in business and loyalty towards brand.

Keeping track of customer’s giving’s: Shopping apps-numerous in numbers- can attain their users likings by providing them let’s say with bonus vouchers or discounts after a user crosses a particular amount of credit. This tends for an emotional linkage-also financial- between both sides and eventually translates into a high tide in business value.

Ask for feedback: Apps also allows clients to reach onto business with a 24/7 availability. With the abundance of smartphones, app users can knock at business doors with queries, suggestions, appreciations or even complaints. This allows them to feel attached to business more like a family and allows business to better know their clients.

Hence it’s about time to acknowledge and implement an efficient mobile app technology that binds clients with feelings of loyalty, dependence and trust towards your business and to make sure your business grows, and so does your customer base.

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