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Designing and Developing for iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s were unveiled in September 2016. The phone packs in a lot of features. Apart from the consumer excitement, many people in the business world are curious about what is new with the iPhone 7 for iOS app developers. When the new iPhone was launched, there was always one question in every iOS app developers mind – How will it change app development and its usage.

Tim Cook presented the latest stats for developers' interest, the success of the App Store.
Since its launch in 2008, more than 2 million apps were downloaded 130 billion times.

The new design element in iPhone 7, such as the status bar subtly exists on the top of the app and iOS app developers can take cues from these new design touches. Moreover, the iPhone 7 design focuses on clarity, which encourages iOS app developers to simplify their designs and reduce clutter to create a cleaner, better user experience. While developing for iPhone 7, animations have become an increasingly important focus for user-interface design in iOS. It should also be noted that iPhone 7 apps are minimalistic and fluid in design with the content being the hero. The design philosophy hinges on displaying the richness of the content without trimmings to distract the users.

Designing & Developing for iPhone 7 - Keyideas Infotech

As a matter of fact, mobile is already the prominent form of computing. All new iPhone features are known and widely discussed. But still, iPhone 7 has a different feel and developing for iPhone 7 has a different meaning together. Developing for iPhone 7 can be challenging with the Apple’s latest and greatest new 64-bit iOS and its SDK, as well as with the latest version of Xcode. With the innovative approach from Apple’s new iPhone, it has made developing for iPhone even more attractive and interesting.

iPhone 7 is a new trendsetter for all smartphones to come, then what are the key features that designers and developers have to discover in order to deliver a new experience and re-invent the application industry? Developing for iPhone 7 has a different approach as the new iOS is accompanied with HFS+ file system. Developing for iPhone 7 also requires iOS app developers to learn how to save their old data for using the new file system. Developing for iPhone 7 has touched new heights as the 64-bit quad-core processor is expected to increase the processing speed by 40%. iOS app developers can create apps that are centered around the idea of making the most of these cores.

Though the operating system for Apple is different from other popular operating systems, you can find a plethora of applications in the market that support iOS 10 as many iOS app developers are now extensively developing for iPhone 7. The racing games on iPhone are resource hungry. Developing for iPhone 7, especially dynamic and complex racing games require a high level of expertise. The power, speed, and memory of your phone are tested when you use a brilliantly detailed racing game developed by iOS app developers. By developing for iPhone 7 – features like mind-blogging speed, real-life 3D visual detailing, and sensational soundtracks, takes these apps to brilliant heights of perfection. Developing for iPhone should be such that the effects should be so realistic, that one forgets that it is a virtual game.

New Features for iOS app developers on iPhone 7

1. Siri

Apple is now open to iOS app developers which open up a lot more possibilities. This will allow more integration and search functionalities.
2. Testing Environments

A combination of tools and OS X Server testing environment help minimize errors and make the process more efficient.
3. API

They finally renamed the API’s, getting rid of NS prefix, which was two decades old. This small victory has made developing for iPhone, even more fun, as this feature was long awaited.
4. Swift 3.0

The language has been enhanced and now offers more capabilities along with increased productivity, making developing for iPhone easier.
5. Dual Camera

This is an interesting feature on the device with one camera built for wide angle photos and other meant for telephoto shots.
6. iOS 10

Along with better integration of Siri, the new iOS looks to be much more powerful and offers rich push notifications. This has made developing for iPhone 7 simpler.
7. Design Opportunities

In terms of the app UX/UI design, iPhone 7 opens a 3D Touch experience for an in-app solution for third-party apps. This actually means that some of the UI elements and controls can be omitted and replaced with the 3D Touch technology which leads to more space for actual content and smooth experience.

Being aware of the latest technology abilities, it is vital for iOS app developers to keep their design and development skills up-to-date. The bottom line is that there is a lot to be excited about the new iPhone 7 and the new release of the iOS 10. What is new with the iPhone 7 for iOS app developers - are a lot better set of tools that should increase productivity while offering a lot more capabilities. When iPhone 7 is combined with the new iOS, it raises the bar for what iOS app developers should be able to do with this next generation of applications - in such a scenario designing and developing for iPhone becomes even more inspiring. Because of the growing needs of the iOS mobile apps, companies are scrambling to get their own app developed by expert iOS app developers. By doing so, they can be competitive in the mobile marketplace – the fastest growing e-commerce marketplace today.