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Apple’s New iBeacon Technology

The new iBeacon technology from Apple is poised to impact the retail sector by not just offering merchants an added data on customer buying patterns but also a personalized shopping experience to customers. The customers may also have personal benefits by interacting with apps when a user is at home.

With iBeacon set up, shops could send customers special offers for goods they are walking past, prepare pre-ordered items for pickup the minute someone comes through the door (the end of queueing!) or remind the customer about their shopping list – fish when they are standing at the fish counter, bread at the bakery, and so on.

iBeacon's use in Retail

It's an early implementation of iBeacon technology as the app integration is only partially automated, sending a notification to your phone that requires you to manually launch an app before anything happens. It an interesting use of iBeacon technology, though, and a small step towards a wider use of iBeacons the automated home.

Besides personal and retail use, iBeacon technology also is being used in sports to assist fans and add to the overall game experience. Keyideas has identified the potential of iBeacon technology and has started developing a solution to cater merchant needs. If you want to build a mobile app involving beacons then please contact our sales team.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jan/13/what-is-apple-ibeacon-retail-tracking

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