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Automobile Sector Web Design

The cars you sell and the automotive services you offer appeal to your customers' senses – sight, sound and touch. Keyideas has wide-ranging expertise in web design to maximize the visual impact of images and web content, and augment the effect with smart animation, 360° views and embedded video clips. We also build microsites to serve particular areas of automobile interest, whether in terms of individual brands, car types, accessories or services.

Automobile Sector Web Development

Keyideas web development can also include content management modules that allow you to easily update your own site with new car models or data. Social media modules let you engage with car fans and customers. E-commerce for ordering vehicles, parts and accessories directly online, and interfaces to other IT systems (accounting, work scheduling, and more) in your organisation are further possibilities.

Automobile Sector Web-Based Business Applications

With our broad and deep business IT knowhow, we can also extend your online car showroom and parts store to inventory management and customer financing and leasing applications. We can integrate or build custom software to create a comprehensive, robust business environment for you, in which customer demand and sales trends drive your car re-ordering or manufacturing processes for totally streamlined operations.

Mobile Site Advantages for the Automobile Sector

Today it's crucial to make the online experience work for car fans and customers over the most popular devices they use. A properly designed mobile-friendly site will also let your sales people immediately access car models or parts specifications in the showroom and at customer premises. It can help your customers to book maintenance and repairs directly from their smartphones. Behind the scenes, a backend application with the right mobile interface lets your service teams stay up to date on the job as they move around in your workshops and offices.

Mobile Apps for Competitive Automobile Companies

Customer-oriented mobile apps for automotive enterprises can include personalizing the car they want to order, exploring financing options and tracking journeys made, fuel, maintenance and other running costs. Car fleet apps for mobile signing out and return of cars can be the value-added feature that leads to a business leasing contract. A car sales and revenue app can help your sales team to stay on target and clinch sales with up-to-the-minute information of what's in stock and what the hottest deals on wheels are for customers.

Website Management

You can perform different functionalities such as manage your website using your website admin panel or virtually from anywhere. The Admin Control Panel is your gateway to manage your website pages and content. This easy to use interface provides all the tools you need to grow your business.

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