Indian Railways IRCTC & Train PNR Mobile Apps

This free Railways mobile app, for Android and iOS devices, provides users an easy access to the Indian Rail PNR information of their tickets as booked from Indian Railways. One can also check train fare, availability, book tickets, check train live status and much more.

PNR Status - Check confirmation berth status of your waitlisted or RAC tickets in a jiffy. You also get accurate seat number, coach position and platform number of your train. The data once retrieved is saved and available offline as well. So you still have the information if there is poor internet or GPRS connection.

Seat Availability - You want to travel on a business or leisure trip but not sure if tickets are available. Select this feature and enter your origin and destination. You will get a complete list of trains on that route with their availability information as well.

Fare Enquiry - Just select a train, your category of travel such as tatkal or general and it will display fare structure based on different classes - First AC, 2AC, 3AC, etc. This information is also saved locally for faster retrieval next time.

Book Tickets - You can buy tickets through our mobile app and its easy as it remembers most of your information you entered the first time. It is 100% safe and secure as the tickets are purchased through IRCTC portal. One can also check refund status and cancel tickets.

Now Book Tickets, Check IRCTC details
and Train Status Instantly

With this app now on both android, iPhone and iPad, you can plan
your journey with a finger tap. Enjoy the fast and easy user interface
and book your tickets, check train live status – anytime, anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • All Train related info at one place
  • Works great on slower internet speeds
  • Extremely Reliable


Android and iPhone App for Indian Railways

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Its FREE and available on Google Play and Apple App Store

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