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Indian Railway Ticket Reservation Status – Smarter way to access your Ticket’s PNR status

Going on a summer vacation? But not sure if the train tickets that you booked months in advance is confirmed or not.
You hate to log into the official site to check the status? Want to inform your family or friends about your travel itinerary ? Some one coming to the station to pick you up?
This mobile app provides easy access to the PNR information. One can check the ticket reservation status any time, anywhere with the click of a button. You can also set a reminder, a nifty feature that checks the status on its own and informs you at regular time intervals.

  • Find Ticket Status:

    You have a train to catch today but not sure if your waitlisted ticked is confirmed yet or not. Just enter the PNR and it will show you all details about your ticket including information such as Reservation Chart prepared or not. The PNR will be saved automatically in the History tab for easy access and retrieval at later date and time.

  • All at one Place:

    Planning a business or a vacation trip? You can search for the train options, seat availability on different seat types / classes and quota. The app also provides easy access to train route, map, auto alert feature and more. Download to check it out now. Its FREE!!

  • PNR History:

    Set Alerts and the app will check the status of your ticket on its own and notify you the status thus saving you time. You can set multiple alerts on a single ticket or multiple tickets / PNR.