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Keyideas Celebrates 5 Years of Successful Web Application Development

Attaining five years of success for a software development company in India or elsewhere is quite an accomplishment, Keyideas leaders point out. Read More

Keyideas Opens Up Their Second Software Development Office in India

Keyideas is proud to announce their second office at Ahmedabad city in Gujarat, India. The center will provide mobile apps development and web application services to local and international clients.

"With growth comes the need for expansion and what a better way to start the year than open up another office?" CEO Shreyes Kejariwal said. "The center will focus on web application development and offer android, iPhone and windows mobile app development services. As new and existing local and international companies seek our services, we will be hiring new web and mobile app developers to work on latest technologies. This is a great opportunity to expand our business."

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Mobile App Development Services Now Offered by Keyideas

New Delhi, According to a report made by Markets and Markets, a US global market and consulting company, the global mobile application market would reach an estimated US25B in 2015 with Apples leading the way followed by other platforms and with China and India in the top two hotspots for mobile market development.

With the success of the company's web application development, Keyideas is proud to announce that they are now offering mobile application development in their list of services.

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