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WordPress based Customized Travel Website with perfect UI / UX Design

WordPress based Customized Travel Website with perfect UI / UX Design
Client Brief

The Client wanted to develop a private WordPress based website which is in the form of a project. The website would capture the essence of her visit to different countries on this planet, through stunning photography and enthralling real-life stories. The website with amazing UI /UX design would provide a medium to connect with her audiences - by sharing her travel experiences and photographs taken during her travel. Through these stories and the photos on the website, the client intends to inspire the viewers to do something great.

Our Endeavor

The client’s project was to develop a WordPress powered personal website which would provide an inspiration to travelers to share their journey’s striking travel photographs and stories. Our UI / UX designers create the website to bring out the true life pictures of a vivid traveler who loves to take her camera wherever she goes. The customized website created by our Wordpress developers provided different templates for each of the countries. We developed the website with advanced features so that it could be used as a repository of travel photography and travel documentary.

Focus Area(s)


UI and UX Design

Travel Website


UI/UX Design for a Wordpress powered Travel Website - an effort to unveil the essence of every country on the planet through remarkable photography and gripping stories.

Travel Website
Website with perfect UI / UX Design
WordPress based Customized Travel Website
Web Development
What People Say

The website met impressive quality standards and received excellent feedback. Keyideas team is an excellent team and it is great to work with them. The team does not blindly follow directions; they offer helpful solutions and are strong with project management and communication.

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