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Background Information

The Hotfoot, an Indian rail info Travel App is a full-packaged app that integrates the various features of Trains, Metro, and Cabs. The requirement was to host the travel app on the platforms – Android and iOS.

Using the ASP.NET, Xamarin cross-platform and C#, developers built the Hotfoot mobile app. It serves the objective of providing travel details to Indian users. Hotfoot makes it easy to check the live IRCTC PNR status on mobile. It just needs to enter the digits of your PNR and know the status and the passenger counts. Our designers designed the app in an efficient way such that it is easy to use and has a clean & smooth user interface that gives a sleek.

our process
our process mobile


While building the Hotfoot app, we used Hi-fidelity Wireframe as well as the low-fidelity Wireframe. The app was built from scratch by using the sketch and attention to every minute detail. We used publishing software and wireframing tools like Justinmind. Next, we validated the complex interactions during user testing of the app.

Wireframes hootfoot

Building Visually Appealing Mobile App

Hotfoot is an all-in-one travel app for Trains, Metros, and Cabs. The Train App is popular with over 45,000 Reviews on the Play Store, 20,000+ Likes on Facebook, and 35,00,000 downloads. Many people use the railway application in India, and it has been praised by ‘Mr. Suresh Prabhu, former Railways Minister’, under the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

It has the fastest and easiest IRCTC PNR Status checking, a better alternative to the Indian Railways site. There is a requirement to have an application for any train traveler in India and is accessible on Android and iPhone.

Building Visually Appealing Mobile App
Building Visually Appealing Mobile App

Metro Routes Availability of 10 Cities

Whether you find yourself navigating the city on a daily basis or exploring as a visitor, our user-friendly interface ensures seamless access to extensive metro maps, detailed station information, and real-time updates in major cities.

Metro Routes Availability of 10 Cities
Metro Routes Availability of 10 Cities

PNR Status Check With Indian Best IRCTC Train App

Our app, designed to enhance your IRCTC train experience, facilitates seamless PNR status checks with the unique PNR number issued by IRCTC.

Easily retrieve comprehensive information about your ticket booking, including PNR status, seat details, fare, coach number, and precise train timings. Stay informed and plan your journey effortlessly using our user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and convenient travel experience.

PNR Status Check With Indian Best IRCTC Train App
PNR Status Check With Indian Best IRCTC Train App

More than 10,00,000 Downloads

The Hotfoot app has achieved remarkable success with over 10,00,000 downloads on the Play Store, establishing itself as a widely embraced platform nationwide.

Boasting a user base of 10+ lacs, the app has seamlessly penetrated various regions, operating successfully across the country. This significant milestone reflects the app’s popularity and positive reception among users, making it a prominent and trusted choice for a wide audience.

More than 10,00,000 Downloads
More than 10,00,000 Downloads

App That Supports Android & iPhone Devices

Our iOS and Android solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of businesses, showcasing our out-of-the-box thinking approach that sets your mobile application apart in a crowded market. With a user-centric focus, our applications seamlessly direct users to specific locations, providing comprehensive contact details.

The enhanced flexibility and ease of use empower users to quickly locate nearby destinations and access relevant information effortlessly. As a testament to our success, our solutions have demonstrated doubled download rates, reflecting the effectiveness of our innovative approach in delivering a standout mobile experience.

App That Supports Android & iPhone Devices


The recent improvements have yielded remarkable results for our service, with doubled download rates showcasing the enhanced efficiency. Users now experience increased flexibility and ease, benefitting from streamlined access to directions for each location along with essential contact details. The upgraded system also excels in quickly retrieving nearby locations and related information, significantly enhancing the overall user experience.

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