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Today, your site is quite possibly the most basic elements of your online presence. That is the reason numerous cabinet manufacturers — particularly those that started at the beginning of the Internet — put resources into proficient website design.

At Keyideas, we make intuitive sites for cabinet manufacturers that catch your vision, welcoming new leads and revenue. That is the reason we've driven 300% more sales in revenue and kept a customer retention standard of just about 100%.

Regardless of whether you are designing your following cabinet collection or your new website, you’re considering the experience of users. In cabinetry website design, user experience (UX) is a preference because it affects how users operate and interact with your website.

While approaches to user experience differ, the overall aim is to predict a user’s needs before they even realize their need — like clicking on a larger version of an image, going to a different page, or filing a quote request.

On the homepage of your website, offer a brief overview of different cabinet series. Then follow those overviews with a comparison sheet, analyzing the various prices, warranties, finishes, and more.

At Keyideas, that is at the forefront of our designs. Our history of working on ecommerce stores enables us to design innovative, beautiful, and secure websites that encourage clients to pick your company.

Besides increasing customer support and confidence, web design also provides your cabinet manufacturing company to differentiate itself from the competition. If your opponents feature outdated websites that encourage doubt among shoppers, that’s an advantage for you.