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Life at Keyideas Infotech

Our decisions and actions demonstrate Our Values - we believe in putting our Values into practice that creates long-term benefits for our customers and employees.

Life at Keyideas – Leading Software Development Company

At Keyideas, the secret to excellence is the fun that we all have together from time to time. We keep looking for reasons to celebrate small moments by bringing in fun and thrill. These small milestones are worth celebrating as they reflect how far we have come and it also gives you a satisfaction to enjoy the moment with your employees. We celebrate those special moments, as they will always be treasured.

All festivals and birthdays are celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm. We organize trips to getaways and various events related to sports, food and more. No matter what your choice is but there is something or the other for everyone in the company.

Expand your horizon. Come and work with the best. Reinvent yourself by enhancing your skills. The company has innovations at every turn, values that are important to the business and values that matter to the individuals. Learn more about life in a company that aims to build a smarter place.

  • Values

    Keyideas abide by the following values – committed to client’s success, innovative solutions, and trustworthy relationship. This enhances the work relationships, productivity, job satisfaction and creative potential.

  • Equal Opportunity

    Keyideas respects its employees, as it is important to cultivate the business relationships that are necessary for a healthy work environment. We treat everyone with respect, irrespective of caste, creed, and gender.

  • Work with us

    With our positive work environment, we keep our employees happy and productive thus encouraging creativity and innovation together with professional growth, in addition to providing opportunities for training.

  • Healthcare

    We strongly believe in “Health is Wealth”. Keyideas improves the lives of people with critical health needs and by providing employees with maximum medical benefits in an effort to create better outcomes.

  • Culture

    Keyideas nurturers a corporate culture that is the summation of values, customs, and traditions, that makes the company unique. In our performance-based culture, everyone shares a sense of togetherness.

  • Diversity

    Diversity at Keyideas brings together clients, employees, and partners on a common global platform. We strongly believe that diversity is critical to innovation and it is the central part of the culture across Keyideas’ family.

  • Training/Internships

    We create new development opportunities for our employees by organizing seminars, workshops and training programs. To develop cross-functional abilities, we place employees in various departments for all-round exposure.

  • Learning and Growth

    We learn from both our successes and our failures. Our opportunities for growth and development help expand employee’s knowledge and skill levels. We pursue growth and learning as it one of our core values.