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Why Swift for App Development?

Engrossed with Apple’s new programming language? The new Swift programming language is a new way of building iOS mobile apps for iPhones. Swift is Apple’s own language, a high-level language which has made programming for iOS more approachable than Objective-C. Swift is on the list of top 20 and is most talked about and most used languages as per the survey.

Apple is believed to have more than 9 million iPhone app developers across the globe – a 47% increase in only one year, because of Swift. Open source Objective-C is so meaningful because it drives most iOS mobile apps today. Swift is the language of the next generation iOS Apps and iPhone app developers have started to master it to make perfectly optimized products. Apple offers iPhone app developers the necessary tools and documentation to get started in Swift.

Why Swift for App Development?

Since Apple launched the new programming language Swift, the ranking of the language has increased; it has jumped from 68 to 22. The ranking seems to gauge how interested programmers are in different development languages. The top languages in the ranking are Java, JavaScript, PHP, and C++.Google’s programming language ‘Go’ is also ranked within the top 20. It is a language created by Mozilla, the makers of the popular web browser Firefox. But nothing has come close to Java as it has continuously maintained itself as the top tier language.

During the launch in 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that
"Swift was designed for safety and it enables a level of interactivity and
development which one has never seen before on the platform".


Advantages of Open Source Swift? Swift is an open source language

and has been adopted by iPhone app developers at a fast pace. It is easy to use with improved features and is quickly replacing Objective C. Swift is faster and iPhone app developers become more productive when programming on Swift. With around 4 years in the making, Swift programming language created a whole new image, full of possibilities for iPhone app developers. There are several mobile app development companies providing apps in Swift as the code closely resembles English, reduces code length and hence is easy to adopt.

Swift is the next iOS Programming language after Objective C. Swift is designed to be compatible with all the existing iOS development tools - Xcode, Objective-C and the Cocoa framework. Swift has already been ported to Linux and other platforms meaning Swift apps can now run on Linux servers with low cost and low maintenance. Apple aims to make Swift easy to use with a faster development cycle with much of the syntax similar to C# or Java. The syntax in Swift is brief yet expressive which makes it easy for iPhone app developers. Swift does not have pointers and hence is safer. Swift provides better memory management solutions and hence top swift programmers have to spend less time focusing on memory management.

Swift very Popular among iPhone App Developers. Moreover, the language as been made

Open Source Language, which will benefit the iPhone app developers to a great extent. Once the iPhone app developers learn about the concepts in iOS application development and gains a deeper understanding of the Swift programming language then they can value the features of Xcode. Swift allows iPhone app developers to build iOS mobile apps on different operative systems, Apple still remains in control of its SDK. Businesses now hire iOS app developers who offer customer iOS Swift  application development services with high level of expertise.

Considering the fast rising popularity of Swift among iPhone app developers, Apple rolled out Swift 2 simplifying the iOS application development process. In addition, it includes a new error handling model that makes it easier to catch and throw errors. It is a faster compiler and the new syntax improvements make the code safer and cleaner. With new marketing tools entering the app making arena, Swift is welcomed as the new language of choice.

Swift is easy to learn as it is influenced by present programming languages like Python and Ruby and its syntax rules are readable similar to English. Apple plans to make swift faster than C++. Swift became more common as more code in most of the apps were replaced. Hire iOS app developers who can get new features implemented in your application or can enhance the existing ones. To develop iOS mobile apps using Swift one needs to have Mac computer running the latest versions of Xcode. Apple partnered with IBM to increase the scope of Swift in the market to generate more opportunity for the Swift community.

Popularity of Swift as a Programming Lang. Swift is gaining prominence in the

technology market as one of the most preferred languages for learning as well as development. According to a survey done by Apple, it is said that 98% of the top notch companies use iOS mobile apps. Swift has become the most sought after programming language for iPhone app developers. Swift is a great move for Apple and exciting tool for iPhone app developers who are willing to use iOS exclusively. Moving forward Swift will gradually become the language of choice for developing apps on iOS and OS, so there is no better time to dive in than now. Swift is off to a tremendous start and will probably rank within the top few programming languages in the near future!