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The 7 Most Downloaded Android Apps globally in 2014

A decade since its launch, the brand that was formed by the so called ‘conniving’ of more than a dozen IT (both hardware and software) companies, today stands among the list of most renowned IT portfolios and is the sole competitor in smart phone market that sees eye to eye with the global imperialistic regime of Apple IOS. Android, in the years following his birth, succeeded where its predecessors (Nokia, Motorola, Black berry) failed. With its ‘Open Source’ code, highly accessible Play Store, gamut of hardware options and equally cheap price, Android allies found the best possible recipe to counter an ever increasing Apple’s smartphone hegemony. And it didn't take years for this seed to bear fruits, alone in 2014, worldwide more than 1billion android devices were sold, in USA where Apple had once carried home over 85% of smartphone market today has lost over 50.4 % to Android, in Spain Android’s market share last year reached an overwhelming 86%.

Among scores of other reasons, Android’s Play Store with its rich collection of apps is largely responsible for its wide scale popularity. Down here, let’s have a look at top 7 android apps in different genres those received record breaking downloads globally in 2014.

Top android apps

Category: Social Networking
Origin: USA, 2006
Downloads in 2014: Over 1 Billion
With a market value of $212 billion, and a ludicrous 1.6 billion general and 0.92 billion daily users, the social networking ‘household’ guru ‘Facebook’ today needs no introduction. Its patron, Mark Zuckerberg is more famous than half of the world’s presidents. With its instant messaging, timeline’s postings, search friends, online games, groups and ad posting features, Facebook today is most used social media site globally.

Category: E-mail/Instant Messaging
Origin: USA, 2004
Downloads in 2014: Over 800 Million
Developed by Google, Gmail has already surpassed Hotmail and yahoo mail franchises, both in terms of daily users and market share. With its instant messaging, emailing, drafting and other services, it comes to users as a lightweight application, rich of features and something that’s ideal as well as essential for both office and personal use.

Category: Social Networking/Communication/Instant Messaging
Origin: USA, 2003
Downloads in 2014: Over 500 Million
One of the brightest feathers in Microsoft cap, Skype today stands as the most widely used video calling app, both on smartphones and in Pc’s. With its group calling, landline and mobile calling features, Skype, even after the introduction ofViber, Line and others of kin continues to top the list.

Trip Advisor
Category: Online/Mobile Travel guide
Origin: USA, 2000
Downloads in 2014: Over 100 Million
An AI based travel guide that brings together user reviews, related travel content and user friendly travel forums, to guide people on their trips to alien lands in finding best possible places to stay, dine and wine and allows them to share their trips content with their friends and family.

Category: Education/Language
Origin: USA, 2011
Downloads in 2014: Over 10 Million
A Multi-lingual language learning app, that is designed to cater needs of novice learners and helps them in understanding the complexities of foreign languages with each successive lesson.

Category: Photography/Picture Story
Origin: USA, 2005
Downloads in 2014: Over 10 Million
A rather unique app that allows users to tell their life stories using photos, videos and music streams to their friends and family.

Category: Music
Origin: USA, 2008
Downloads in 2014: Over 1 Million
Another AI based music app that suggests music of particular genre to users as per their preferences (favorite artists), and then keeping track of their feedbacks predicts/projects future songs to listen.

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