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Say Allo to Google’s New Smart Messaging App

More than a comprehensive chat solution, Google’s new messaging app Allo - is an app with interesting features not found in a typical messaging app. The app is thoughtfully designed and is easy to use. Allo is a smart messaging app developed by Google with smart capabilities. It provides a platform for users to imagine, create and explore on various topics with friends. It includes a built-in virtual assistance feature. In addition, it has a ‘smart reply’ function that allows users to reply without typing thus cutting down on the typing activity.

Google’s new ‘App Preview Messaging’ feature on Allo allows users to send messages to anyone in the contact list without having the app installed, so long as the recipient is an Android phone user. This feature depends on the Google Play Services which should be pre-installed. Google android app developers have created and developed this unique messaging app for successful communication.

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This ‘smart reply’ feature is built in, which is similar to Inbox, wherein users can reply to messages without typing a word. Smart reply learns over time and shows suggestions that match the user’s style. The Smart reply also works on photos, providing smart suggestions related to the content of the photo. Seeing the photo of chips – Allo’s suggestions coming up could be ‘yummy’ or ‘I love chips’. The app is available both on Android and iOS.

The ‘Assistance’ feature in Allo lets you bring things like Google Maps, Search, YouTube and Translate all into your conversations. Google Assistance understands the user’s world. It also understands the natural language patterns which the user is using. The user can just chat in the normal way and Google Allo will understand what the user is saying.

With Allo, no accounts need to be created and no passwords need to be remembered, this makes the app more user-friendly. Google has launched messaging app Google Allo in the market, against existing apps like WhatsApp, Facebook’s Messenger and Apple’s iMessage. The app is based on the phone number and hence one can get in touch with anyone in the phone book. The app adds more meaning to your words by adjusting the size of the text. Hence users can control the option of ‘shout’ or ‘whisper’ with the size of the message text. There are three different styles of chat in Allo – normal messaging, direct conversation with virtual assistance and incognito chat. Google Assistance can give the latest news and sports scores, do math calculations and also translate phrases. Asking for directions, it can also open up the Google Map.

Google Allo is a smart messaging mobile apps with stickers, doodles, emojis and text. This has helped to add that extra touch to the chat window, to make the communications more interesting. Google Allo turns photos into work of art. Get creative with the photos sent by the users by ‘doodling’ on them. Either draw smiley faces or turn your friends into memes and mix some color. Doodles are simple drawing that can have concrete representation meaning which one can draw with a free hand on the screen. Doodle is a fun way of expressing oneself. Or in other words, it is a creative launch-pad. Doodle art can help you learn how to draw, fueling your creativity.

Google Allo provides a collection of ‘stickers’ which are designed by independent artists from around the world. These stickers add some fun to the conversations when words are not enough. The stickers available on Google Allo are unique, creative and colorful complementing every mood of the user. Users have access to hundreds of virtual stickers, specifically designed for Allo. Incognito chat allows one to send messages with end-to-end encryption. Incognito mood allows users to have private and secure conversations with the others. The app aims to keep the chat ongoing by suggesting words and ‘emoji’ to your messages to maintain the continuity. Besides providing restaurant recommendations, it also sends daily weather and sports updates. Allo is one of the prime Android Apps that Google has developed.

SMS communication through Allo is sent through a relay number and not through the phone number. Hence when Google Allo sends a message to a mobile, the recipient receives the text from a five-digit unknown number. But Google Allo cannot be used to send SMS messages. Google's android developers have created an awesome mobile app that makes your conversations easier and more expressive. Happy Allo!