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Real Life Gaming with AR

Augmented Reality (AR) technology that layers computer generated enhancements on an existing reality to make it more meaningful, with the ability to interact with it. The most common example of its usage is in the display of score overlays on telecasted sports games and pop out 3D emails, photos or text messages on mobile devices. AR is developed into mobile apps and used on mobile devices to blend digital components into the real world providing an enhanced user experience. AR is one of the most exciting technologies around. Augmented applications have already made their way to the app development platforms. It utilizes computer generated elements like video, sound, graphics or GPS data, in order to enhance your physical reality.

Real Life Gaming with AR - Keyideas

Augmented reality offers the magical effect of blending the digital components into the real world. It will soon become a technology that will be mastered as a necessity by mobile app developers. AR has been long used in video gaming and for military applications, but now with the advances in chips and wireless technology, it has become an integral part of smartphone applications. Mobile app developers need to get comprehensive knowledge of how to implement it in a wide variety of AR apps. However, 60 percent to 70 percent American consumer could see clear benefits in using AR and IoT device in their daily life and at work.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook is a big fan of augmented reality and during an interview said that AR is the future and will be an essential part of our daily life just like the iPhone. Hence the company plans to invest in the technology, soon.

Augmented Reality and Real World Gaming. Pokemon Go represents the next generation

of Niantic’s ‘”Real World Gaming” platform. Its app development platform combines augmented reality and mobile location technology to create a unique gaming experience which motivates players to explore the new world around them. Niantic’s Pokémon Go game took the world by storm. The mobile app developers of the game showed what Augmented Reality is capable of. Who knew Augmented Reality could become so exciting? Pokémon Go is not the only Augmented Reality game/application that is available in the market, and it is certainly not the first time an Android app has used AR technology. Five years ago, Niantic stepped out on a path to change the way people interact with the world around them by creating the world’s first “real world gaming” platform. Travel between the interesting real world and the virtual world of Pokémon and Pokémon Go created by these mobile app developers. Pokémon video game series has used real world location such as Hokkaido and Kanto regions of Japan, New York, and Paris for its fantasy setting. But in Pokémon Go, the real world will be the setting.

Star Chart is an educational mobile app which is available on both Android and iOS devices. When opened pointing at the sky, the app will inform you what stars or planets you are currently facing, and also during the day when the stars are not visible. With its advanced functions, the app can even let you know what the night sky looks like on the other side of the earth. ‘Nearest Wiki’ is an interesting AR app for iPhone that gives you more information about the place you are looking for, by putting a layer of information on the top of your iPhone view. Similarly ‘See Breeze 3D’ – is a 3D AR application that shows you wind and weather conditions in your area.

AR technology into the existing application - Keyideas

AR making huge waves in Mobile App Development. The world of mobile technology moves

at a lighting pace. In its simplest form, AR enables mobile app developers and businesses to bring original, engaging and effective software to clients. Augmented reality, though in its infancy, is already making huge waves across the mobile application development technology landscape. It has already starting to create an impact across diverse industry sectors from finance and retail to travel and fashion. Mobile app developers should develop an authentic UI/UX resulting in an augmented reality mobile app that will provide value to the end consumer. AR applications developed by mobile app developers involve more than just image analysis and processing techniques. One needs to have more access to traditional mobile application development capabilities and mobile app developers should have a deeper understanding of the mobile application development process. Typically, AR mobile app developer should possess a mixture of skills including 3D modeling, computer vision and imaging expertise and a deep understanding of existing mobile technologies. Besides, there are several app development platforms and toolkits that help developers to build custom mobile apps for their clients. But today’s mobile app developers can create AR apps as they know how to take the most out of this unique app development platform.

Mobile application development has become more sophisticated and with AR apps users can get real life experiences. So the best AR app development platforms in the market to date are ARPA SDK’s, DroidAR and much more. With these platforms, mobile app developers can quickly and easily embed AR technology into the existing application, giving you the ability to create custom mobile apps for your clients. The sooner a mobile application development company adopts the technology; it will have a greater edge over other companies. Leaders of the tech industry are using AR to do amazing and revolutionary things with holograms. Augmented Reality exists to serve the user with an enhanced or enriched experience - mostly for entertainment purposes. There are many real world examples of how AR is currently being deployed in a commercial setting from the museum and theme parks to astronomy and fashion. Given the rapid growth of AR/ VR adoption, the technology is most likely to hit the mainstream in the near future – the technology has been more for a novelty.