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Must have Android Wearables!

Today’s wearable tech presents a fascinating field for research and innovation. Wearable technology tends to be more sophisticated than hand-held technology in the market today. It has been for the first time that device has been small enough to be worn comfortably for hours together.

Mankind has always been driven by a desire to enhance our natural abilities in order to control our environment in a better manner. Google Glasses and Apple Watches have seen a long ambitious road towards technological advancements. Statistics show that in two years down the line, 30% of smart wearables, will be completely unobtrusive to the eye. Obtrusive wearables are already in the market and smart glasses are one such example. It is believed that ‘wearable’ is an area where ‘Internet of Things (IoT) will have a real and visible impact. The latest breakthroughs have made them readily available for doctors to track patient’s vital signs and heart - Android application developers are launching amazing mobile apps in this field.

Must have Android Wearables! - Keyideas

Android application developers have designed the Android Wear smartwatch wearable, such that it provides information at a glance, just at the right time with notifications that are synced with the handheld device. A wearable is the remote control of your mobile device controlled by the mobile app. As wearable and mobile devices are gaining universal adoption, there are unlimited opportunities to innovate almost all aspects of people’s lives.

Android Wearable Technology Not-so-distant Future. Android Wear is a new platform

and Android application developers is working extensively on several new functionalities. Android wearable technology promises to have a major impact on gaming, audio video entertainment and augmented reality market. Android Application Developers are extending the mobile app to Android Wear smartwatches that allow it to reach out to more number of users. Google has some exciting design guidelines for Android application developers, and hence with the use of Android Studio Project Wizard, it is relatively easy to create the wearable app. The new Android Wear 2.0 has several new interface changes as the overall user interface adopts a dark color palette so that it is easy on the eyes even in the dark. This message in the new version also comes up with new notification templates, which makes development easy for the Android application developers.

Xmetrics, the swimming tracker is the ultimate activity tracker tailored for swimmers. Not only fitness freaks, even doctors use wearables such as Verily to detect certain cancers. Android application developers have developed Verily wearable that are microscopes which can see beneath the skin. Android Application Developers are building dedicated mobile apps for wearable device and IoT.

Wearables like Smart clothes; intended for athletes are equipped to monitor heart rates, muscle activity, and even breathing patterns. Smart gloves for motorcyclists, allow users to control music and smartphone through gesture controls. There are wearables that measure sleep but Kokoon in-ear sleep headphones are designed to improve the sleep quality as Android application developers have designed this headband after understanding how sleep and sound affect the brain. Android application developers are also exploring the idea of turning on your coffee maker as soon as your brain says it is time for a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

Wearable technology

Thync, the mind alerting wearable, can shift the mental states of the user in minutes. Thync wearable help people stay calm, focused and energized when they need it, Android application developers have developed a mobile app that helps you safely tap into the power of your own mind. Nuzzle is a smart collar that helps you keep an eye on your pet. Android application developers have designed this pet tracker for dogs and cats, to keep your beloved pets healthy. Today several companies are crafting wearable gadgets for animals, to monitor their health or to keep track of them through the GPS.

Imagine approaching your home door with grocery in your hand, and your heartbeat via your wearable, signal’s the door’s smart lock to unlock. While reaching your living room, the sensor in your wrist wearable automatically triggers the air-conditioner. The wearable also includes a sensor to detect hydration levels, which triggers your smart refrigerators to automatically pour a glass of water for you. From glasses to shoes, wristbands to smartwatches wearable technology together with mobile apps have gained traction in the technology market. Hue Control allows you to control your Philips Hue lights quickly and conveniently right from the lock screen of the mobile app or Android Wearable. Android app developer allows you to configure your lights and setup the widget for your home.

The Future of Android Wearables over next ten years, we can imagine

the world where instead of wearing a smartwatch or a smart band to track activity and heartbeat, we would just smart we wearing a smart shirt, where buttons would capture data. The future of wearables is not just blinking lights and flashing screens but rather a softer technology that works symbiotically with us, helping to push us beyond our limits. Wearable technology has ceased to be a novelty and has become part of everyday life for many users. The possibilities are endless and only time will tell what wearable technology will pack into its futuristic devices! Android application developers are involved in an exciting endeavor and including new features of Android Wear in your mobile app is, even more, fun!