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Mobile Apps: The Ultimate way to Engage Your Guest!

With mobile apps becoming more and more important for all sectors it is not surprising that the hospitality industry is taking advantage of mobile app technology. The use of mobile apps in hotels and restaurants makes a positive impact by increasing the engagement levels and thereby increasing revenue. Customer service and satisfaction are the two main pillars of the industry and mobile apps are the perfect solution to be in touch with the customers.

Today's guests want their smartphones to be doing almost everything as mobile technology has become an integral part of their lifestyle. The apps are actually designed to ensure a speedy communication and enhance the overall travel experience. Mobile apps for hotels and restaurant have a positive effect on the branding and customer engagement which directly influences the brand loyalty. Smartphones have been transformed to a mini computer and hence marketing via mobile phone has become increasingly popular. A customized mobile app can be created by an android application developer or an iOS app developer for respective platform. The hotel may take help of its internal data to decide a suitable platform or create on multiple platforms as per their choice.

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Mobile Apps help to Connect with Millions of Users. These feature-rich mobile apps help

the guest to easily access all the information about the hotel in just a few clicks. Secondly, the mobile app also offers a better opportunity to create a close connection with their guests. As mobile app development cost has decreased lately the apps are now affordable to small independent hotels besides giant hotel chains. Hotel information about services and rooms are easily accessible and showcased using high-quality photos and videos. The mobile app allows booking and canceling reservations directly from the app. These mobile apps can also be used as a loyalty card. Beyond just booking stays, hotel apps are offering additional features, like full concierge services and all local travel information and deals. The hotel mobile apps developers remarkably increase the customer engagement level.

The top hotel apps let users check in at any time of the day and allow pick-up of their pre-programmed key-card at the special expedited mobile check-in desk. If a guest arrives before their room is ready, the app will send a notification as to exactly when their room would be ready. So, apps allow users to do anything, like order room service, book spa treatments, choose their amenities and also arrange airport transportation.

Mobile Apps Increase Customer Engagement Levels. In addition to convenience and ease-of-use

for the guests, these apps are a tool used to increase productivity and streamline day-to-day operations. It makes easy for hotel managers to keep track of housekeeping duties, improve communication between employees and improve the overall service. Along with the standard features of booking and concierge services, local city guide, special offers and events available in the hotel during their stay. These apps have other cool features such as a music streaming function. Image sharing function on the app allows users to take photos and share them directly with their friends. Hotel or restaurant owners can now get real-time updates and monitor their business from any location. Hotel owners can easily track the check-in and check-out of their guests from a single app.

On the other side, restaurant apps have become increasingly important for growing hospitality business. Beyond that, you can motivate your customers to refer their friends and family to the restaurant. From these apps, one learns about special deals, discounts and read plenty of customer reviews. Customers can invite friends through the app, as well as add reservations to the calendar. Besides, there are full-featured platforms developed by android and iOS app developers where restaurants can sign-up and start benefiting the advantages of mobile apps such as Zomato. Its services would help every business to promote and generate higher revenues.

Hotel mobile apps are an important tool designed by app developers that allow consumers to engage with the brand. Smartphone usage has been growing and it is expected to grow in the next few years. Therefore hotel brands and restaurants are rushing to create mobile apps for thousands of travelers and customers who rely on their smartphones to get information. Mobile apps generally let brands get closer to customers, increasing loyalty and revenue - making customer's hotel experience all the more memorable!