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Let’s Get Closer to Google Pixel!

The Pixel and Pixel XL are the first smartphones designed by Google which bear its name. The Pixel is firmly placed in the Apple’s premium segment and comes with extra features like Google’s voice-controlled artificial intelligence assistance, unlimited photo storage, and advanced camera. Pixel is an interesting device, a mobile phone designed by Google, the maker of Android. This is Google’s first in-house device.

Mobile Apps with Pixel Smartphone takes Center Stage after its Launch. It is the first phone with Google Assistance

built in. The model includes the Duo mobile app for video calling and the Allo mobile app for messaging. It is compatible with Google Daydream View – a virtual-reality headset which turns the Pixel and Pixel XL into a VR device. The phone is first of its kind with Google Assistance, the voice-controlled software designed to respond to requests, check appointments in the calendar and send messages. The glass back and high-end aluminum case gives it a smooth feel and comes in quite black, very silver and really blue. Google has taken the battle for supremacy in the mobile phone market directly to Apple by releasing its first competitor to the iPhone 7.

Let's Get Closer to Google Pixel Keyideas

Having one of the best cameras, Pixel is able to capture richer colors and more details near and far as compared to iPhone 7. The AMOLED display makes the phone look better, even more than on an iPhone. The colors are more vibrant, dark colors are deeper and higher pixel density makes everything sharper. The camera also performs better in low-light situations as compared to the Samsung Galaxy series. The Pixel comes with unlimited Cloud storage service provider for full-resolution photos and videos. The Google Camera Android app has much needed extra features like the option of automatic switching of photos to black and white. The Google Camera mobile apps open up very fast, allowing users to take successive photos with minimal delays.

Google Pixel Smartphone and Mobile Apps. Google Pixel is a fast phone

, with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 821 processor and ultra-fast UFS 2.0 storage is of great help. It comes in two sizes with a 5 inch and 5.5-inch display and runs Android Nougat 7.1. The phone probably has a 4GB RAM and a 12 MP rear-facing camera. It has a battery that lasts all day and charges fast – get up to 7 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. The water resistance feature has been missed. It is a Google mobile app user’s dream come true, that all the Android Apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Maps, Calendars work better on Pixel than their iOS counterparts. The commonly used Android apps go on the home screen and the rest remain in the mobile app’s drawer.

The new Wallpaper Android App works on any Android device, allowing users to explore the mobile app’s new feature. You can also use this Android app to set different wallpapers for the home screen or lock screen. Google has pulled several of these Android apps from the Pixel and used them on other devices. The Dialer Android app is available on Android 7.1 and is exclusive to Pixel and Pixel XL. Android App shortcuts are the new feature on Android 7.1. Google has given a facelift to all Android devices by bringing the Wallpaper Android App to the Play Store. The Google Camera Android App will pick the best photos and will automatically make a small GIF animation of the shots.

Building a world-class mobile phone for the market is a huge challenge and Pixel looks like a very good attempt. Though design wise it might not be the most appealing but it is comfortable and easy to use. The iPhone excels the Pixel in terms of physical size, display functionality and water resistance. With a world-beating camera and the power of Google's AI behind it, it could prove to be a challenge for Samsung and Apple.

Google aims to beat its rivals and has done so on battery life alone. Pixel comes with a great camera, good screen, a day’s battery life, Android 7.1 Nougat, Google Assistance and a great figure print scanner. Google has finally released an own-brand smartphone, the Pixel to challenge Apple head-on and provide a premium Android experience!