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Essential Tips for Jewelry Website Design and Marketing

20 Feb, 20196 mins read


Essential Tips for Jewelry Website Design and Marketing

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You might have the most fashionable and attractive jewelry pieces for sale at your shop, but you might not necessarily have the best jewelry web design on hand to help you convey those details. You’ll have to find a sensible solution that assists you with your jewelry website design and jewelry marketing needs.

Customization Is the Key

The emphasis is on designing a jewelry website that gives the customer several options to filter out the products. You can create a new website that features multiple sections and covers a range of products of the customers’ interests. It includes helping people find specific types of products, hence improving visitor engagement.

Your design should include sections that you organize through a site map. You can produce a site map that entails how people will move from one segment to another. The map should have enough connections that make it easier for people to find things online without being complicated or causing people to become lost when trying to find items online.

Keep the Colors In Control

You don’t want to use colors that are too flashy or unusual on your jewelry website. You need to use appealing colors to unveil the natural beauty of the jewelry you have to offer without shading anything.

Jewelry Website Design and Marketing

Light colors are attractive for allowing the deep colors and many sides of your jewelry pieces to shine. Even in jewelry image retouching light colors have vital importance. Dark colors may work if you have jewelry that reflects light well, but you should keep the color from being too intense to where the jewelry is clouded and becomes hard for people to see.

Jewelry Website Design and Marketing Can Entail the Right Keywords

You have to use the best possible keywords when promoting your site. This part of jewelry web design and marketing needs to involve using keywords with the right ideas in mind. You can get your keywords to stay functional by using a few points for producing them well enough:

  • Add keywords relating to the jewelry you are selling to your URL, title tags, and any meta or image tags you want to utilize.
  • Use keyword phrases to go alongside the keywords you want to use. These entail descriptors that highlight points surrounding your jewelry products.
  • Use bold text around many spaces to highlight things of value. It can include bold text spots around your headings or page titles. A search engine will add value to your content when it notices bold text.
  • Include meta tag descriptions with terms based on what you wish to discuss on your page. You can use these descriptions to talk about any product of value to your customers.
  • Any keywords or phrases you use have to be relevant to the subject matter on your pages. Do not stuff your website full of keywords that you don’t touch on.

Using Jewelry-Specific Keywords

You can use some jewelry-specific keywords that might be easy for people familiar with the field. These include words like “engagement rings“, “jewelry shop near me”, “wedding rings for women”, etc. But you should also add some general keywords that involve specific products or color features among other points such as solitaire rings or rose gold jewelry. Do not make the content too complex else your readers will be frustrated.

You can also use synonyms for your keywords if desired. “Emerald earrings” can be used alongside “green earrings” or “emerald jewelry”. Use as many synonyms as possible to reach more people who might have different terms for the same products.


The human brain processes images faster than text information. Hence, the appearance and looks can be processed faster – and perhaps make a stronger impression – than the way something reads. Around 90% of online buyers consider pictures to be a crucial element in online purchase. A typical jewelry web design and jewelry marketing plan often involve the use of an elaborate photo. The image could include anything that you wish to sell, including something with a flashy style or a product you want to highlight for the season. A jeweler’s website design also says quite a lot about the level of professionalism that their business will offer. Consumers subconsciously make connections between visual elements, marketing messages, and the way they perceive a business. So if your website looks sloppy and unorganized, they may think of your brand in the same way.

Jewelry Website Design and Marketing India

A picture can be ideal provided that you don’t use anything too excessive. You should not use anything too complicated or hard to load up. A website will not be rewarded for being hard to load. You’ll have to keep the download sizes of your images small.

You should also avoid using pictures with plug-ins. Not all phones or computers can handle Flash among other things. The ones that do might need to download updates to Flash or something else, thus wasting a person’s time and reducing that someone’s chances of reading your site. A search engine may struggle with your site too.

Are Motion Graphics Fine?

Motion graphics like a slideshow or carousel effect can work provided you don’t make those things too complicated:

  • Look for plugins that work on your site development platform. WordPress has many motion graphics programs to utilize.
  • Keep the images on the motion graphics setup small in size. So that a mobile device easily reads it and the browser doesn’t spend forever trying to load the content.
  • Review the tags on each image you use. The tags will be visible on any slideshows or carousels you use.
  • Look at whether or not a user needs a plugin to load the motion graphics. Avoid anything that requires extra software.

Focus on Promotions and SEO

Part of your marketing endeavor may entail offering a promotion to your customers. An offer could include deals providing a discount for those who leave their email addresses with you. You can give those people special deals while delivering regular information on sales and new products of note.

Offer sensible promotions that will provide you with plenty of details surrounding what you are using. Do not bombard your clients with far too many messages in a short period, or else those people will not feel comfortable with what you are trying to highlight.

A Final Note

You have many things that you can do for your jewelry web design and marketing plans. You’ll need to review your content and recognize where you’re going with your content. The goal here should be to see that your content looks attractive while also featuring a layout that makes your content easy to notice.

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