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iPhone iOS Apps You Got to try in 2015

The only way to get the most out of your Apple iPhone is to load it up with the coolest apps. Whether you want to utilize all the extra screen space on a new iPhone 6 plus, or just want to get the best out of an older iPhone, these apps will certainly do the trick.

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Some cool apps to look forward are:

1. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is just like a math and science version of Wikipedia. It's an amazing source of scientific knowledge and computation about almost anything, from linear algebra to the depths of the oceans. It's a great search engine for advance mathematics, nature,chemistry, physics, engineering, and even nutritional information.

2. Ifttt

'If this, then that' shorten to Ifttt, and you've got one of the best apps on the market. This surprisingly simple yet efficient iPhone app can automate just about anything you'd want to do in your virtual life, from backing up photos to sending you text message reminders of upcoming appointments.

3. AVG Family Safety

It's a parental control application for the iOS. Parents got two kinds of controls, monitoring and filtering, to configure from a remote Web interface. However, if you don’t want to go through the whole setup, just choose pre-profiles from one of the age categories and you're good to go.

4. Device 6

If you're open to being challenged and enjoy a good puzzle, Device 6 will make you very excited. This game is mostly textual, but it's not really a boring text adventure. It's more kind of a digital novel. It's an unusual game, which is partly what makes it so intriguing to play.

5. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the best all-in-one calorie counter and exercise trackers for the iOS. A nice simple design and cool interface make using this app a fun ride rather than a fatigue, which is ultimately essential when trying to get long-term fitness or weight control plan. The most appealing feature of this app is its exhaustive food and nutrition database, which rules out every other competitor out there.

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