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Interesting Countless New Features of Apple iOS 10

iOS 10 brings in key enhancements to iOS 9 and it has transformed the way the device wakes up! Besides, Apple has created new dedicated apps to make the things easier. iOS 10 is Apple’s latest mobile operating software system for iPads and iPhones, announced in June 2016. Apple fans were excited about the launch of the iOS 10 which are loaded with exciting features. The public beta version is out and the software is ahead of its final release later in the year. With the release of iOS 10, iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices can run on iOS 10.

Interesting Features of iOS 10 - Keyideas Infotech

iOS 10 provides a more responsible notification which look and work differently on the new operating system. The onscreen notifications have become more interactive providing a great user experience. There are lots of 3D Touch Shortcuts that lets you respond to notifications in a clever way on the lock screen and users can respond using 3D Touch while the screen is still locked. The new version if iOS will show user notifications whenever one picks up the phone.

Being the company’s very own chat app, iMessage comes with rich features. It has a new feature that will allow you to order food, book flights and send money without leaving the conversation. Another new twist in iOS 10, users can send messages in their own handwriting. A new ‘invisible ink’ feature allows one to send photos or videos that remain hidden until one would swipe over it. From the popular Japanese app ‘Line’, Apple has added stickers to the messages similar to emoji, of which few are animated. The message bubble can also be configured by making them larger to ‘shout’ or smaller to ‘whisper’.

The Photos App on iOS 10 has facial recognition. The feature allows one to search the camera roll for specific friends or for oneself to find the perfect selfies. It has the feature of automatically grouping photos based on facial, object and scene recognitions. When one runs out of space in Apple devices, one will have access to iCloud but it would require a paid subscription.

Maps get a new design on iOS 10, as it looks simpler and cleaner and the controls are easy to access. Google Maps and Apple Maps in iOS 10 takes traffic into account dynamically and offer alternative routes on the fly, if the traffic is preferable. Apple has opened Maps to developers which mean, user is able to book a ride with Uber and pay for the ride using Apple Pay.

Interesting Features of iOS 10 Launched by Apple

Apple’s latest release gives the option to remove Native app icons. The app is not uninstalled but just removed from the home screen. The functionalities of the native app remain even if it has been removed from the Home screen. In other words these Native Apps are available for download from the App Store and hence has the option to be removed.

With iOS 10 the Clock App encourages one to setup the wake time and manage the number of hours of sleep. This feature helps keep track of ones sleep activities thus fulfilling sleep schedule.

Apple’s new idea about homes and Internet of Things is launching a new dedicated App called HOME for controlling all devices that are compatible with the HomeKit. In June 2014, Apple had announced its Smart Home platform HomeKit.

Apple has released loads of emoji for this new platform with a notable change from a revolver to a water gun in response to its complaints of too many weapon emojis. iOS 10 is packed with features and will be available later this year. Messaging is the most frequently used app in iOS and Apple added tons of new features to this version. Notifications also continue to become more interactive with each generation of iOS. The new Home App is cleanly designed and is a pleasure to use!