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How long Artificial Intelligence like Facebook M & Microsoft Cortana sustain?

Artificial intelligence (or AI) technology is an area of study which attempts to provide machines with human like thinking. AI is already changing our world and will be the most fascinating field of technology in the near future. Robotics is one of the areas of artificial intelligence, which will keep us safe. The combination of human and artificial intelligence is fascinating and has created smarter applications of AI. The new wave of artificial intelligence is making technology do all sort of things which one cannot believe. This is making our lives easier, productive and even more exciting.

Artificial intelligence like facebook keyideas

Facebook M is ‘virtual assistance’ with a real human touch. It is Facebook’s recently launched artificial intelligence having more capabilities than other competing AIs. It features a small button at the bottom of the messenger app and the user can send notes to M, similar to the way a message is sent to anyone on Facebook. The M software reads the message, asks few follow-up questions and sends updated answers once the job is completed. Unlike Cortana or Siri, M has no gender and it is not sure whether the reply is from a computer or a person. So if you request a gift for your wife then the service will make decisions based on the questions and answers you had with M. The service of M is free and is available to all Facebook Messenger users. M not only uses artificial intelligence to complete its job but it is also powered by actual people assisting to get the task done.

Apple’s Siri, Google Now, or Microsoft’s Cortana are totally based on artificial intelligence but the range of their tasks are limited. But others like Magic, Operator or TaskRabbit have people responding to task based requests. But M is a hybrid, a combination of artificial intelligence and a team of Facebook employees who ensures that every request is answered. M supports any kind of task from organizing a party to suggesting a vacation for summers. Facebook M plans to partner with companies to provide more efficient services over the Messenger. Facebook’s target is to make Messenger the first stop for all mobile usages.

Cortana is an intelligent assistance created by Microsoft for Windows phone 8.1.It gives more personalized experience as it provides services like finding things on the PC, finding files, managing calendar and also chatting. Latest advanced features are available on Cortana for Windows 10.Cortana works on your phone, tablet and PC helping you to get organized by providing services like voice activation and perfect timed reminders? Cortana feature is not available worldwide; it is only available in few countries.

Today we see the helpfulness of technologies, just like mobile which has entered our houses. Similarly smarter technologies and AI will bring robots to our homes thus helping people with their daily activities. In future, AI has vast potential to enhance people’s quality of life in areas like healthcare and transportation. Although there has been breakthroughs in artificial intelligence research, but experts believe some of the biggest advances in artificial intelligence are yet to come!