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Game Changed from 100 Yards to a 5 Inch Screen – FIFA

Playing football has never been more exciting than the new FIFA Mobile app! It may be an overstatement to call football a religion, but it is more than a game. The game of football is embedded in many lives, communities, and economies. The “beautiful game” is accessible to all. Around 265 million players and 5 million referees and officials equal a grand total of 270 million people that are actively involved in the game of football. FIFA Mobile provides something for everyone in the world of mobile football games – developed by proficient Android app developers.

Game Changed from 100 Yards to a 5 Inch Screen – FIFA

The Evolution of Mobile Games

Mobile games only took off when Nokia launched the Snake, which first appeared in 1997 on the Nokia 6610 when the internet and mobile phones were still in relative infancy. Android app developers have built the FIFA Mobile app, to provide a comprehensive coverage of every FIFA competition with a special focus on the FIFA World Cup. These expert Android app developers working on the FIFA app have a solid understanding of the object-oriented programming and Java, the official language of Android app development. Most importantly these Android app developers are well versed in Android-specific parameters of speed and efficiency, which means the FIFA app, will run smoothly on any Android device.

FIFA Mobile App any Time Entertainment

The app has been developed by EA Sports and they claim it is a one-stop destination for every football fan. The main of the app is to provide an exciting gaming experience to FIFA fans. In this app, players can create customized leagues consisting of 32 players competing with each other. FIFA 17 is a different kind of beast compared to what was released before. FIFA 17 on iOS and Android is called FIFA Mobile. It brings users a new experience designed to make the most of the mobile gaming app experience. Aside from the new gameplay, FIFA Mobile also offers tons of new content that let users enjoy hours of soccer, either alone or with other players, thanks to mobile gaming app developers. The latest edition features over 30 leagues, 650 real teams, and 17,000 real players and offers an authentic football experience. Besides the app, there is a news system that can help keep you updated with everything happening in the world of soccer.

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Below are Features Which Make FIFA Mobile App Perfect for a 5-inch Screen.

1. User Interface

Android provides a variety of pre-built UI components such as structured layout objects and UI controls that allow Android app developers to build the graphical user interface for the FIFA app. Android also provides other UI modules for special interfaces such as dialogs, notifications, and menus which can easily be used by Android app developers. Some of the features used in the FIFA app are - implementing effective navigation, using new layout widgets: spaces and gridlocks, designing on multiple screens, customizing the action bar, improving layout performance and introducing the horizontal view swiping using the API.
2. Graphics

In the FIFA app, the graphics and the gaming environment on the Android Platform have been improved dramatically by the Android app developers. Modern day computer games have reached levels of realism, in areas like graphics and physical simulation, where the success or the failure of the FIFA game solely depended on the skill and experience of these Android app developers.
3. FIFA App Gameplay

The game introduces a new “Attack Mode” in which players often play the offensive stages of the match. The gameplay is completely re-imagined in the new and creative Attack Mode. Quick, exciting, turn-based matches will make you playing only the attacking chances, before passing the game to the opponents. The game provides an Ultimate team model, basically allowing users to build a custom team from scratch. The audio plays a very important role in the gameplay. Android app developers require knowledge about sound-effects, music and voice overs to develop the app.

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The official FIFA Mobile App is a must-have for any football follower – uniquely developed by Android app developers. The Canadian game company, EA Sports says that the game is built for the “mobile gamer”, and hence it has shrunk the download size to under 100MB, so as to reach smartphone owners across the globe. Android app developers keep on releasing new versions of the app in order to add features and make it more sophisticated. The FIFA Mobile Soccer is designed to run on the most basic smartphones and tablets, which make it relevant to a wider audience. The game is a lot smaller in size, and the game graphics are a step forward from the high-quality of FIFA 16. Football is an important enabler of human well-being and a key form of entertainment for our global society – the FIFA Mobile App is a major contributor.