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Build your own web or mobile app with cloud based tool

Living in the age of the web, it has become essential to create applications for the web and mobile platforms. For developing the best apps, you need the best tools. Below are some of the best cloud database service provider, tools to help developers in the process of constructing excellent apps.

mobile apps using cloud services from keyideas

1. Appery.io

This platform is based on cloud computing jQuery, hybrid Mobile application, Mobile applications and hybrid App Builder. With the great use of jQuery Mobile, this tool helps to build cross-platform HTML5 applications. It also supports IOS, Windows Phone and Android, and runs in the cloud, there is therefore no need to download or install.

2. Conduit

If you are looking for a mobile app builder to create gorgeous mobile applications for free, then get this tool. Its scaling technology allows you to create beautiful designs easily without any kind of coding. Your application becomes ready just with a single click. With the help of this platform, you can make requests for both Android and iOS in just a few minutes. It is enriched with a wide variety of components, including the RSS, e-commerce, social feed, notifications, events and much more. This is regarded as an ideal solution for non-technicians.

3. Knack

These days, a number of companies are looking for broad data solutions. It allows users to create their online database and is helpful in building simple web applications, you can develop applications that go with your data. This tool is shipped with features such as data display, custom forms and research. You can integrate the cloud service in your web site with the web API and JavaScript without facing any hassle.

web & mobile application development using cloud services from keyideas

4. Codiqa

It is a great tool, which has HTML5 with jQuery Mobile. It is appropriate for the people who are more designer and less programmer. It has a drag-and-drop interface and scaling technology which allows you to quickly and easily create mobile apps prototype, also with a preview mode to test your prototype.

5. Keen.io

Keen IO is the best example of a modern application without having modern analytics. This has a huge capacity to incorporate graphics features in your application. You can create analysis and different features in a few fractions of minutes. And, the API can be used to analyze, view, and retrieve your data.

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