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7 Steps to Launch an Android Mobile App

Mobile apps are playing an increasingly prominent role at the forefront of online business. From e-commerce to content creating everyone has a new mobile app. The process of designing a mobile app is a well-designed process. Selecting the right approach for developing an Android application is highly important. Ideally, app development approach must be in accordance with the time and budget constraints of the client. There are more than 4.43 billion mobile users around the world and the figure is likely to cross 5 billion by 2019. Google Play store alone has 1.6 million Android apps. These huge figures only show the demand for mobile apps. Below are some important steps which can definitely help you to nurture a truly amazing mobile application.

7 Steps to Launch an Android Mobile Apps


Defining your goals

: One must be clear as to what one wants to achieve with the Android application. Once you understand the wants and needs of your potential user base, you can look at the competitive landscape and think of ideas to surpass the competition. You need to choose whether you want to develop a mind-blowing user interface or the less noble approach of cloning a lead product - it is essential to have a strategy. It is imperative to think beyond what the current market is offering. This would help you to stay ahead of your competition. Before detailing, you must clearly define the purpose and the mission of your app.


Researching and conceptualizing

: Research has several purposes. Find out if there are other apps doing the same thing. Find out the design inspiration for your app. Also, find out about the technical requirements for your app and how you can market and monetize your app. You may think that you have a revolutionary idea, but there are more than 1 million apps on Android doing something that has not been done before, so how is your app unique?


Identifying target users

: The mobile app should be developed keeping in mind the target users of the Android application. Having a clear vision of the target group enhances the success ratio of the app. Understanding the needs of target users help Android app developers to build custom apps that fulfill user expectations.


Making technical specifications

: One must always keep your goal in mind and then define your technical specifications. If you are not a mobile UX expert or a developer, it is essential to get some professional support at this stage. An Android app developer can understand different possibilities by using innovative mobile app technology. A team of Android app developer will help you to select your development platform, which will define how users interact with your Android application. It is very important that your ideas match the technical specifications that are right for your business.


Designing your mobile app

: The user interface is a very important as people are attracted to how things look on the screen and how easy they are to navigate. User interface elements not only make the Android application look attractive but also help in enhancing the user experience. Sticky headers, responsive layout, infinite scrolling, best fonts for easy readability are few ways of increasing the Android application design. An Android app developer should concentrate on the UI design; multi-touch gestures for touch enabled devices and consider platform design standards. Designing the right mobile app by an Android app developer is becoming increasingly important as it creates an instant impact on the mind of the user.


Testing your mobile app

: Several rounds of testing are imperative, which includes both a functional testing and a user interface test. All the screens of the Android application should properly work and your Android application should be visually appealing as well. At this point, your Android application should be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functioning.


Releasing & marketing your mobile app

: You have brought your idea to fruition, and the last step is to share it with the world. Android and iOS are very different with regard to marketing mobile apps. One can simply add your Android application to the Android Store. Pre-App allows you to publish your Android application allowing mobile app viewers to have a first look at the new idea. For a mobile app to be successful it has to be properly marketed and one of the avenues is social media. Plan some marketing strategies to ensure that the Android application will have an ample exposure and reach the target market.

Once the Android application is released, upgrading your mobile app with improvements and innovative features are very important. As the mobile app market is booming; to generate revenue, Android app developers need to select appropriate approach in accordance with the mobile app requirements. Upgrading the mobile app with latest features enhances it visibility thus increasing downloads. Hence it is highly essential for the Android app developers to attract the users. Always remember, mobile apps can engage and attract more customers only if they are developed and nurtured with passion.