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7 Cool Features of Apple iPhone 7

Apple’s products are always the hyped consumer products in the market and iPhone 7 is no exception. The new Apple’s iPhone 7 series launched recently is just unbeatable as compared to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy phones. Today they are the world’s favorite gadgets. The biggest USP of the new iPhone 7 is the dual camera setup. Hence Apple’s iPhone 7 series becomes a must buy! Apple has improved the important aspects of the iPhone experience.

iOS 10 had a refreshing design and the brand new messaging mobile apps on the App Store have undergone lots of improvements. The company has made a huge song and dance about its Haptic Engine which was not there in iPhone 6s. Awesome apps have been developed for iOS which have helped to take a big step towards enhanced user experience.

7 Cool Features of Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Camera & photography with optical zoom:

Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has incredible new cameras as they are one of the best in the business and is also its key selling point. iPhone 7’s camera has a larger aperture which works wonders - allowing users to capture better photos and videos at low light with surprising images. The new six-element lenses come with 12-megapixel sensors that claim to be 60% faster and 30 percent more energy-efficient.

The home button of iPhone 7:

The redesigned Home button is not an actual button anymore though it has the touch id ring around it. Just by pressing the button it creates a clever Taptic Engine, to make the user think that he is pressing the button. The Home button is now touch sensitive for better response. The software enabled button is sensitive enough to tell the difference between a press and a tap. The button provides a haptic feedback for quick action, messages, notifications and ringtones.

The first waterproof iPhone:

iPhone 7 series are the first iPhone models to feature an IP rating. Recent tests show that Apple had done a better job than Samsung. Rated at IP67, the iPhone model is dust-proof and waterproof and can be submerged up to 1m of water for 30 minutes. The phone can be used in any wet situation, like rain or answering a call under a shower or submerging it anywhere – the phone has performed quite well with no signs of damage.

iPhone 7 Display:

Apple has remarkably improved the display of the iPhone 7 with HD display which provides 25 percent improved brightness. Some of the new features being - wide colored gamut, cinema standard color, best color management and 3D Touch. iPhone 7 has 324ppi (Pixels Per Inch) display and has an upgraded technology inside the display to provide users with brighter and crisper displays.

Goodbye headphone jack:

The removal of the headphone jack is a talking point about iPhone 7. The replaced lighting connector has helped to reduce the thickness of the handset by few millimeters. The company has removed the audio jack because they had developed a better way to deliver audio, also making it slimmer.

Design and built quality:

iPhone 7 has been completely redesigned as it looks gorgeous with aluminum unibody with curved edges. The phone feels lighter and more comfortable to hold. It now comes in awesome five colors – gold, rose gold, silver, normal black and premium-looking mirror-finish jet black.

Smooth performance:

Apple has done a remarkable job with A10 Fusion chip and by optimizing iOS development for speed and performance. Though Samsung’s Galaxy series are the most powerful Android phones, but Apple has done a better job. The new model also has a six core CPU which is 50 percent faster than it previous processor.

The moment Apple releases an iOS update, iPhone 7 users will have access to it instantly. Apple claims that it offers the longest ever battery, 2 hours of more battery life as compared to iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 has been loaded with some of the best handpicked mobile apps, that show off the new iPhone's upgraded camera and iOS 10 software. After Apple launched it's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, an interesting story read - that it did not have a single iPhone 7 Plus model available in the store on that day.

The stabilization factor of the new model is so impressive that Apple is planning to redesign iPhone 8 with more enhanced features. Next year Apple is planning for a major design upgrade as it would be celebrating ten years of it's iPhone launch - with its iPhone 8 which would include a full glass screen. Apple has heralded that its iPhone 7 has the best smartphone camera ever. The sleek, stylish Jet Black iPhone 7 is just irresistible!