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15 Ways to Reward Repeat Visitors on Your Ecommerce Website

Your customers are gold and any repeat visitors to your ecommerce website are even more valuable. You want them to keep coming back, and according to Shreyes Kejariwal, CEO of Keyideas, the way to do this is by rewarding them for their loyalty. Here are 15 ways to reward repeat visitors on your ecommerce site:

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    1. Offer free shipping! That will keep visitors coming back to your ecommerce website because they know they will be saving money.

    2. Use a points-based loyalty program to reward repeat visitors. Just remember to keep the points system simple to follow and ensure visitors can easily determine how many points they have.

    3. Collect input directly from your frequent visitors by holding a live Q&A session. This will create a connection with your visitors that you might not get any other way. Ensure visitors have a way to submit their questions and answer them in real-time.

    4. Make sure your visitors know that you value their opinion by asking for it! Ask them what they think about new products or to give feedback on products and service. They will feel valued because they will feel they have a voice.

    5. Offer repeat visitors the chance to connect with your brand on a new level, by becoming the face of your brand. You can have them try your products and post about it, either in a testimonial, with photos, or via videos.

    6. Offer exclusive insight to frequent visitors to your ecommerce website. You can do this via a newsletter or a separate section on your ecommerce website. You can give these visitors special deals and information on future plans or products.

    7. Remember the special days, such as birthdays and anniversaries, of your repeat customers. At these times, you can offer them special savings or coupons or even a special gift. Let them know about this a couple of weeks ahead of their big day.

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  1. Communicate with your repeat visitors on a regular basis. You can respond to comments on your e-Commerce website or social media page. Just keep it casual and make sure your visitors feel valued.

  2. Use your social media pages to feature frequent visitors to your ecommerce website. This will not only engage your visitors, it will add the human element to your brand. Featured visitors can win something or get a free sample.

  3. Get involved in giving back to the community. You can reward your frequent visitors by helping them raise money for a non-profit organization of their choice.

  4. Hold loyalty appreciation events for repeat visitors to your ecommerce website. You can do this via the web or in the brick-and –mortar world. You should give attendees a gift at the end of the event.

  5. Allow frequent visitors the opportunity to purchase new products early, before the general public has access to it.

  6. Sweepstakes have been around for a long time and for good reason. They work! Offer your frequent visitors a chance to enter a sweepstakes where they have a chance to win a grand prize and other prizes, if you wish.

  7. Offer repeat visitors a special level of service, such as waving minimum purchase requirements or additional customer support.

  8. Offer surprises for frequent visitors, something extra with their purchase. Do this randomly, but regularly, and wow them!