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15 iOS 8 Tips Every Apple Fan Should Know

The rollout of Apple’s iOS 8 has had its ups and downs, but we all know that mobile app development does not come without its share of problems and that includes both customized iPhone apps and new generations of the operating system. Although it began with battery drains and Wi-Fi issues straight out of the launch, Shreyes Kejariwal, CEO of Keyideas, says, “There are some very positive things about iOS 8.” Here are 15 iOS 8 tips every Apple fan should know:

iOS 8 tips

1. There is a far greater diversity to the emojis than ever before. When using emojis you can now change the skin color. Overall there are more than 300 new emojies from which to choose when using iOS App development.

2. There is an iCloud photo library in which you can store all your photos, provided you have paid for an adequate amount of space. If you turn iCloud Photo Library on, all your pics will automatically be stored there.

3. A new feature is available that filters spam message out of SMS text or iMessage. Just go to Settings > Messages > Filter Unknown Senders. When it is turned on, you will still get the messages, but they will be displayed in a separate list.

4. Apple Pay is now available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users, provided you have a device with NFC. Just go to the Passbook app, tap on the + sign located in the upper right-hand corner, tap Set Up Apple Pay, and select the card you already have on file with iTunes.

5. Talk to Siri without even pushing a button, provided your device is plugged in. Even on standby, the microphone is listening and will respond if you say something as simple as, “Hey Siri.”

6. You can now ask Siri to place a call for you and you can specify that you want the call on the speakerphone by adding “on speakerphone” to the request. This will allow you to make a completely hands-free phone call.

Apple iOS tips

7. Linking Siri to iOS apps makes it possible to know who is singing a song without searching the Shazam app. If you hear a song, simply ask, “Siri, who’s singing?” and she will tell you who it is.

8. When it comes to iOS apps, the new Health app is fabulous. It has a feature called Medical ID and where you can fill in all your important health information.

9. When using Safari, you can scan in your credit card for online purchases, meaning you no longer need to type in the number manually.

10. Bring up recent and favorite contacts simply by double-tapping on the Home button to bring up the App Switcher. It now shows your contacts, as well as your currently running iOS apps and third-party apps.

11. You can now hide photos or videos that you want to remain private. Just go to the Photos app, hold your finger on the item you wish to hide and select “Hide.” It is still accessible via the albums button.

12. You can now send more than one photo and/or video per message.

13. Photos can now be edited as soon as they are taken, rather than having to use an image-editing app.

14. There is now a Recently Deleted album in the Photos app that is like the desktop Trash. All deleted items go here first. That way you keep ones you accidently deleted. They will be in the album for 30 days, but you can manually delete them from the album if you wish.

15. There is now a selfie timer! The camera will take 10 images. There is an on-screen countdown, and for the rear camera, the flash will blink more rapidly as the time gets nearer.