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Java Website & Application Development

Java is an object oriented programming language and J2EE is a platform independent Java centric environment with core technologies as Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and the Java Message Service (JMS).

We excel in creating secure, robust and portable applications using Java technology that enables us to design and create stunning interfaces while maintaining the usability aspect as well as the user experience as the core development areas.

Getting Started:

  • Powerful development tool with strong debugging capabilities.
  • Incredibly feature rich APIs provide advanced functionalities.
  • Object oriented lang keeping system modular and flexible.

Key Features & Controls

Java is an object oriented programming language with concepts similar to C++ thus making it familiar to developers. It can run on any platform and provides integrated support for multi-threaded programming. It also allows creation of distributed applications.

Comprehensive Range of Development Tools

Java is a rich technology and can be used in different integrated development environments for speed, flexibility and developing multi-tiered applications.

Security Features of Java Lang & Platform

Java 2 Platform takes the security model one step ahead. A Java application can run with restricted permissions that prevent the host system from being harmed.

Network-centric Design of Java Platform

Java makes it easy to work with resources across a network and create network based applications with multi - tier or client - server architecture.

Maintainable Java Views and Models

Java helps to build simple and maintainable applications using the Model-View-Controller MVC design pattern which help to integrate with other technologies.

Responsive Design for Web and Mobile Users

Android Development Tools offer Java IDE world class platform, which has advanced features for developing, debugging and packaging Android apps.

Best Ecommerce Enterprise Solution

Java provides several ecommerce components and platforms. We can integrate and create online market environment that best suits your business.

The Right Choice for Best Performance

Our developers optimize the performance of most complex Java website and application ensuring consistent performance at every stage of development cycle.

Java APIs Helpful in Minimizing Code

Java is a general-purpose programming language combined with a powerful and well-designed set of APIs thus giving developers full coding flexibility.

Enhanced User Experience for Customers

We offer Java user interface design to improve the client’s user experience by adding superior characteristics to our applications to entice customers.

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Adaptive Development Approach

Adaptive Development Approach is based on short iterations of designing, building and testing applications during a sprint cycle. Adaptive process is a modified approach of widely practiced agile models and primarily involves planning, analysis, design, development and testing.

Third Party Integration

Our development team is flexible and adaptive and can work with third party components of your choice such as payment gateways, shopping carts and workflow managers to build complete Java website as per your business requirements. In order to achieve business functionalities, our developers can easily integrate third party components, solutions and entire applications.

  • Payment Gateway
  • Google Map API
  • Billing & Invoicing Tools
  • CRM Software
  • JVM Languages
  • JavaFX Utility Tools

Database Connectors



Easily connect your mobile app to your existing MySQI database using the built-in MySQI Data Connector.


Connecting your mobile app to an existing Oracle database has never been easier with built-in Oracle Data Connector.

Value And ROI


Our web and mobile app customers choose us for outsourcing their IT projects because they see more value and higher ROI. How do we do it? Our agile approach and methodology means better alignment from the start with your ideas and plans, efficient offshore project management, and faster time to market for you with the right solutions.

Just What You Need


We figure out the best way to help you meet your goals. We know and use the latest technologies so that you benefit from leading edge solutions. Leverage smart upgrades to your applications for existing markets. Get ahead with minimum viable products for early adopters in new markets. With Keyideas, all your options are open.

A Real Business Partner For You


You can depend on us to help your business with our robust, quality software and much more. Our experts can help you assess your business technology requirements, roadmap, and processes. We then provide you best and up-to-date offshore design, software development, training and mentoring services for your continuing success.

Clients love us


Keyideas has proven to be a great partner for us in all our web and mobile development projects for some time. The recent project we decided to work with them was slightly complex as some of the companies turned down the project due to the ...Read More

Tom McLaughlin

Laser Trolley, LLC. USA


Great trustworthy team. I have been working with them for a long time and find them way ahead of other teams that I have worked in past whether it’s locally or abroad. I have worked with them on different projects, some were simple and so...Read More

Glen George



This was our first time working with Keyideas but we will be back. They were great with what they do. Very detailed and professional which makes them different.

Don Shaw

Critical Control Solutions Crop, Canada

Keyideas Infotech

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