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ASP.NET Website & Application Development

ASP.NET has major advantages as a platform as it can host powerful websites and technologies. Its flexibility allows different programming languages to be used even within the same project. ASP.NET pages are easy to maintain as the source code and the HTML are together. Larger applications can be built more efficiently using features like built-in MS Windows authentication for added security.

Getting Started:

  • Good starter project templates available.
  • Chart control with range of features.
  • Three frameworks to create web apps.
  • Simple customization reducing development efforts.
  • Can be used on any Windows server.
  • Default app with predefined template.
  • Large applications with reduced code.
  • Easy deployment as built-in configuration info.

Key Features & Controls

Our team is well trained developers are equipped with the latest technology to deliver solutions that add value to your business. ASP.NET is an open source server-side web application framework used for building web pages and web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting.

Speeds-up Response Time for Fast Webpages

With its AJAX technology, ASP.NET can update parts of a website page without reloading it all, thus speeding up the response time to provide better visitor experience.

Models to Maximize Productivity

ASP.NET supports different development models for building web sites and web pages. These models help to manage complex applications.

Open Source Cross Platform Framework

Many user interface components of ASP.NET work directly across different platforms. The modular components retain flexibility while constructing solutions.

ASP.NET Handles HTTP Requests

New services for desktops and mobile devices can be built using ASP.NET WEB API via the standard HTTP web access typically used for RSS feeds and to serve images.

ASP.NET and Ecommerce Solution

ASP.NET as has an ecommerce option which is a premium ecommerce platform used to setup an online store by managing the site content and selling products.

Website Integrating to Handle Accounts

Our custom development programming services can integrate Quickbooks with your websites besides extracting data, transactions and retrieving info.

Works with Latest Windows OS

Latest Microsoft operating systems also include ASP.NET. You get the best evolving technology in the latest version of Windows, together with the advantages of ASP.NET.

Best in Online Responsiveness

Windows Forms provides a platform for building rich client applications for desktop, web and mobile devices with rich features and high speed.

Real Time Business Reporting

Applications developed with ASP.NET can be interfaced with popular business reporting solutions, like Crystal Reports with minimal coding.

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ASP.NET Web Development Solutions to Help Your Business Grow:

Developing websites and dynamic web pages can easily be achieved by using this versatile server-side web application framework from Microsoft. Though it is open source but it has all the rich features and functionalities available in any proprietary scripting language. Common languages used for writing ASP.NET applications are C# and VB.


  • This is a PHP-based portal to buy or rent books online with a seller’s panel to upload books for their customers. User can search books; add book to their carts or create personal wishlist for reference.

    HonestuZ project banner
  • This is a PHP-based portal to buy or rent books online with a seller’s panel to upload books for their customers. User can search books; add book to their carts or create personal wishlist for reference.

    HonestuZ project banner
  • Build powerful dynamic web applications.
  • Bundling feature to minimize script size.
  • Comes with several class to perform operations.
  • It can determine data types automatically.
  • Routing provides meaningful URLs to users.
  • Output caching increases performance.
  • URL character length increased.
  • APIs help to build and consume HTTP services easily.
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Adaptive Development Approach

The Adaptive approach involves rapid application development as it under goes short project cycles leading to high quality products. Focus being on the software code, it does not follow pre planned steps hence making software development and delivery faster.

Database Connectors

Microsoft SQL

Built-in MS SQL data connector allows you to seamlessly connect your mobile app to your existing MS SQL database.


Easily connect your mobile app to your existing MySQL database using the built-in MySQL Data Connector.


Connecting your mobile app to an existing oracle database has never been easier with our buil-in Oracle Data Connector.

Third Party Integration

A complete application development platform, ASP.NET enables businesses to make use of additional third-party components. Examples include user interfaces with payment gateways, calendaring and scheduling functionalities. Our team can work efficiently with your project team or other chosen third-party developers. We can build a complete ASP.NET solution together, customized with advanced features and integrated with any third party tool.

  • Payment Gateway
  • Google Map API
  • Telerik, DevExpress
  • Billing & Invoicing - QuickBooks
  • Crystal Reports
  • CRM, CMS & Shopping Carts

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