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Why functional testing with Keyideas?

Keyideas support all the latest technologies HTML5, XAML, AJAX, MVC, Java, Cold Fusion, Ruby and PHP. We are having strategic alliances and partnerships with leading test services, hardware, and systems integrators In-house solutions such as the Functional Test Case Generator help develop automated test cases from customized business process libraries.

Use the Visual Recorder to Create UI Tests

  • Keyideas minimizes the learning curve so that you become more productive faster. It's intuitive and easy to work wit
  • The point-and-click test recorder will help you create tests quickly and easily.
  • You don't need to write a single line of code to add conditional logic, invoke JavaScript and desktop commands, handle dialogs, extract values into variables, perform image verifications and much more.

Automate Tests for Web and Desktop Apps

  • Automate tests for a wide range of technologies - HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript, Silverlight, WPF, MVC, Ruby and PHP.
  • Use a rich set of codeless actions and verifications - test JavaScript calls, custom components, Keyideas controls, dynamic page synchronization, client-side behaviors, complex UI virtualizations and media elements and animations.

Cross-Browser Test Record and Execution

  • Record and run the exact same test with no modification what-so-ever across all major web browsers.
  • Use Keyideas Runtime to create a test matrix across multiple test servers to ensure your application works the same across all supported browser versions.

Record and execute against:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

Update Your Automated Tests Quickly

  • All your test elements are stored in a shared Element Repository on the project level.
  • If you use the same element across multiple tests, it's referenced from this repository instead of being duplicated in the tests.
  • This way you keep unique elements only, and update them with a couple of clicks, instead of modifying numerous duplicate elements in every test.

Avoid Duplication and Maintenance. Reuse Tests and Steps.

  • Reuse test steps across different tests within the project, and run an entire test as a step within another test.
  • Test modularity helps you save time on both test creation and maintenance - create once and reuse many times.

Run Tests Concurrently on Multiple Machines

  • Leverage your entire testing environment to schedule and execute test runs in parallel.
  • Easily set up the infrastructure and test on various environments (mixture of OSs, browser versions, etc.)
  • Run tests around the clock with the "queuing of test lists" feature.
  • Achieve better test coverage by mixing load, performance and functional tests in a single test list.

Plug-n-Play with Your Existing Systems

Integrate your test automation solution with tools you already have:

  • Leverage Microsoft Test Manager to associate your tests with work items.
  • Push bug reports to MS TFS, Keyideas or Jira.
  • Easily tie-in with any build server like MS Build Server, TeamCity, CruiseControl, and Hudson/Jenkins.
  • Generate tests for NUnit, MbUnit, MSTest or xUnit.
  • Push tests and results into HP Quality Center.

Industry-Leading Support

  • 24h guaranteed response time to your support tickets.
  • Keyideas users receive priority support, even during trials.
  • You get your questions answered directly from the software engineers who built Keyideas.
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Keyideas has proven to be a great partner for us in all our web and mobile development projects for some time. The recent project we decided to work with them was slightly complex as some of the companies turned down the project due to the ...Read More

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This was our first time working with Keyideas but we will be back. They were great with what they do. Very detailed and professional which makes them different.

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