Agile Software Development Methodologies

Agile Software Development Practices are Integral at Keyideas and Dominates Our Work Culture.

Agile Development Methodology

We follow agile development methodology, an incremental model which applies to rapidly changing requirements and scrum cycles working together to achieve company goals. Our agile development practice includes frequent deliveries, continuous integration, builds, deployments, testing and rework.

Benefits of Agile Methodology

Agile follows an iterative approach allowing quicker delivery to the client and quicker feedback to the delivery team. Through agile development methodology we deliver high quality applications that meet customer needs. Once we have prioritized the project requirements, we break entire project down into short iterations that allow us to re-evaluate the project frequently, adjusting the overall course of the project as needed.

This approach helps mitigate risk during development and helps to avoid being stuck in the analysis stage, which ultimately speeds up the development process.

Benefits of Agile Methodology:

  • Fast adaption to requirement changes.

  • Visibility into actual processes.

  • Better addresses customer needs.

  • Frequent delivery accelerates business.

  • Evaluating status after frequent testing.

  • Successful collaborative effort.

  • Reduces overall risk associated.

  • Customer satisfaction for business success.

Our Collaborative Teams

Building up a team network is seen as a crucial activity, to the collaborative culture followed at Keyideas. A complex collaborative team performs in a productive and innovative manner. The base for collaborative team is that they accomplish tasks quickly. It is also a course of strategy for building collaborative partnership with customers, emphasizing the importance of trust based relationship between the partners.

Characteristics of highly collaborative team:

  • Integration - members are bound together.

  • Flexible – when faced with internal stress.

  • Communication - everyone in the same pace.

  • Share Responsibilities – willing to share work.

  • Appreciate Differences - respect & aspect others.

  • Structured Execution - team’s clear roadmap.

  • Accountability - outlines roles and responsibilities.

  • Measurable Goals - individual efforts aligned with outcomes.

Adaptive Development Approach

The Adaptive techniques lead to improved quality and productivity. It is the result of rapid application development, which undergoes short iterations. In adaptive model the development process goes through the project cycle several times, re-planning and re-adapting. In this ever changing world of software development we keep up with the current technologies, methodologies and trends to deliver the best.

Dedicated Team Model (DTM)

Keyideas, DTM model offer clients simple, yet highly cost-effective and reliable solutions pertaining to the deployment of varying types of technical groups and resources.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Supported Technologies

All Browsers

Keyideas web debugging proxy help you record, inspect and debug traffic from any browser

Any System

Debug web traffic from any Windows-based PC, Mac or Linux system and mobile devices alike.

Any Platform

Keyideas is here to help, no matter what platform or language you use to develop.

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