Value Based Pricing Methodology

We align your business requirements with the pricing methodology helping you to overcome the project challenges.

For a project to be evaluated properly, it is better to split the project into several stages or tasks that apply to more appropriate pricing models. To have a long lasting strategic partnership with the client, the business model must be defined in terms of methodologies and pricing.

We provide our clients affordable rates as we constantly strive to optimize our flexible pricing policies. Our pricing frameworks are based on various factors which determine the pricing methodology. To support our clients we have a well-defined pricing strategy, coupled with the right processes that are required to deliver a project within budget.

Time & Material

When there is no final product and it is difficult to divide it into small stages, then Time and Material Pricing Models is an apt choice. The option allows payment based on the number of hours of work as against the work accomplished.

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Fixed Price

Fixed price model is ideal for projects where requirements and schedules can be clearly defined before the start of the project. The scope and complexities are analyzed and the client approves the project delivery schedule at fixed budget.

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Risk Reward

Risk-Reward Pricing Model clearly benefits both sides and can prove to be profitable. The model improves the business and spreads the financial risks between both parties. If implemented rightly it can result in a big pay-off.

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