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    Thursday, March 7, 2013 by Web Designers

    After 95, Internet had start taken over the world. We remember when there used be simple HTML websites, which were just readable for viewers. We all were excited to see windows in computer. All color things inside computer were very fascinating for us. Those days, web designing was very simple task. All of those websites used to require simple HTML coding. Also, programming had nothing to do with websites on those days.

    Today, website design and development is transformed into one of most advance and technological industry. Now days, web developers and programmers are omnipresent and equally demanded. Internet has made a revolution in the world today. Today, every company has website and many retail stores do have their e-commerce websites as well.

    Now days, IT has taken another change and now all companies are going towards cloud computing. This trend is mostly present in service businesses and software outsourcing companies.

    Importance of these two different parts of IT has made use to expound both of them. Therefore, we will discuss web design and development; and, cloud computing separately.

    Website Design and Development

    Website design and development entails designing of website and development of applications and content management systems. Therefore, website design and development consists many tasks. Most web design and development companies have divided their operations in several modules to accomplish all tasks and then bring in final product.

    In designing module, several web designers design layout of the website and design pictures for website as well. The web development module consists of several web developers and programmers. These web developers and programmers develop applications and functions for website. Many of these applications do interact with databases of the website. Some websites also require particular software to be within them. These websites are mostly service based websites. These websites mostly belongs to highly qualified professionals, such as accountants. If there is need for software in website, php developers and programmers collaborate to create amazing software.

    Software Outsourcing Company

    Database module consists of web developers and programmers who only concentrate on development of databases for website. They develop various kinds of databases for website. It depends that for which kind of company these web developers and programmers are building databases for. For example: online store for gift items may need very simple database while professional litigation support company's database can be very complex.

    There are many web design and development companies that outsource their database creation and software needs to a software outsourcing company. Software outsourcing company is the company that develops only software and databases for various clients. Since a software outsourcing company only focuses on development of software and databases, it has proficiency and comparative advantage in building software and databases for big web design and development companies.

    Once all components of website are developed, administration of a web design and web application development company assembles the whole website.

    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is the new phenomenon. Now days, many server companies have developed their own platforms for companies to establish their businesses. This platform activity is called cloud computing. In cloud computing, all kinds of applications and databases are present in servers and they have their own user interface. Therefore, it is very easy for a service company and a software outsourcing company to run its operations on cloud computing. By using the facilitation of cloud computing, a service company and a software outsourcing company is not confined to its region for use of employees. Instead, a service company and a software outsourcing company can hire workers from around the world. It is conceivable because; companies can create virtual offices by using cloud computing. This way, people from California, Singapore and London can work in same virtual office by the facilitation of cloud computing.

    In 2012, demand of cloud computing is expected to rise. It is possible for a software outsourcing company to build applications for cloud computing. Mater of fact, many software outsourcing companies have developed separate department for cloud computing software development.

    After reading this article, we can definitely expect that demand of web design and development; and, cloud computing is expected to rise in upcoming days.

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